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Recording Toys and Tricks Discuss recording techniques such as mic placement, technique, and gear selection. Discuss the recording of drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, synths, and more. Talk about running a studio business or what should be your first audio interface or condenser microphone. Show off the latest DIY compressor you built. Recording Gear Reviews Review gear you've used for home recording, DIY recording stuff, or anything in between: audio interfaces, compressors, microphones, reverb plugins, chairs you can sit in for 20 hours straight, and more. Video Production Use this category to post your video projects for constructive input, ask about techniques and tips, discuss video editing software, post links to cool video clips you like. Recording Software Discuss your favorite DAWs, how to solve problems, and how to get faster workflow. Plugins Plugin questions, reviews and tips. The Producer's Chair Have tips for getting the best performance from a vocalist? Want to talk about song creation? Picking sounds, tones? Discuss it here!
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