My puter died...might have to call it

I had two song I was about 3/4 done. I opened up studio one (win 7) and it asked if I wanted to update or go on. I punched proceed. Nothing loaded. Well, I haven’t been on the internet on that puter in 12 years. Second reboot, it listed all of my old songs and none that I have done this year. I then clicked on an old one, and after opening it, it was tracks from a completely different song. Being that I have been offline I couldn’t go back to the previous day etc.
i am not looking for help. Just stating the facts. Most likely the end of song making?? No biggie, I’ll take up golf. peace to yawl

Oh that’s a real bummer Paul!

I lost a computer very early on due to an ill-advised striped RAID array hard drive, and lost a ton of work on my first record. Made sure from that point on to always back up. Lesson learned.

Don’t give up music - you’re way too talented!

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Run at DOS/cmd console as admin:
sfc / scannow

Don’t give up, most likely S1 just needs reinstall.

Thanks Mr D I will try anything at this point. I was just going to update to Studio one 5, but the win 7 I have doesn’t have a registration number. My brother bought multiples and gave me one. My puter has enough power etc so I might trying to buy win 10. I have one available studio one 5 left to put there. I most likely won’t be able to transfer the hundred plus song I have on this asus desktop.
I have the program loaded on my laptop, but it would be a chore to hook stuff up. haha
I have previously bragged about being 75 and still making songs, but it now has bit me in the ass.


In terms of Studio One - I think ver 3 is the last one that they supported.

Your best bet is probably to upgrade to WIn10 if you PC supports it, perhaps back everything up or pop out the drive and install on clean drive Win10 and latest Studio One. Then open up your songs.

Alternately you can re-register your version of Studio one and see if that fixes it.

I am on S1 ver 4 because of I don’t upgrade while I have a stable version and something like hardware or software doesn’t really force me to go up. I pay by skipping one version so I have version 6 paid but have not installed as all functionality of ver. 4 is fine, no issues.

THeir support unfortunately has gone way way downhill, S1 support has gotten to be just as awful abandonware as Cubase that I moved away from many years ago.

My wife’s sister and husband are here so I can’t even try to fix anything right now. Big fat bummer and they are here for 9 days

Perfect time to find a big project…it usually is for me, when the wife’s fam visits I have big undertakings that usually keep me away from the house.

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I wish I could have hidden. I tried to upgrade win7 . It came back microsoft security error. 80072F8F I thought I might update windows. It has been a dozen or so years. I’ll keep pecking away at it at might stumble onto something.
I have an older brother 78 that says he wants a shot at it. Of course if I will have to change his truck’s spark plugs?

Ouch! Windows 7? :wink: I know support ended back in Jan. of 2020.

This is a reach, but you mentioned Error 80072F8F when you tried to update the OS. Check your system time. Is the time correct? I’ve seen examples where if your system clock is far off then the update server could return that error.

The missing projects from this year and the wrong tracks showing up is worrisome. Maybe the hard disk is failing/corrupted?

If you’re feeling adventurous you could carefully disconnect your existing hard drive, pop in a new hard drive and install Windows 10. You can get cheap (and fully legal) OEM activation keys online. My last Win10 Pro key cost me about $23. Once running you could reconnect the old hard drive and (hopefully) transfer your data to the new drive.

The big consideration is your DAW software and your recording interface. You’d have to do some checking FIRST to make sure the DAW is supported on Win10 and that there are Win10 drivers for your interface hardware. There rest is just the hassle of reinstalling/configuring all your other stuff, plugins, software, etc.

Hi Jamieson I am sitting with my acoustic in my lazy boy finishing up songs that I can’t record. Never have I felt so helpless. All my fault, I know.
I tried a windows update today. It showed 57 updates since 2014. It uploaded them but only installed 17 of them and just stayed there stuck for several hours without moving. I had to kill the power to get out of it.
I did update start up the time and day again.
I like your idea of changing up hard drives and installing win 10. One reason is to be able to use studio one 5. I have four open subscriptions there.
I think this desktop has enoght to support everything. Not sure but like icore5 16 ram and solid state 650 gigs. I really am at a loss here. ha ha
thanks for your time and help

computer never stopped anyone from making songs before, why stop now? :wink:
I dont care if they are recorded on a tape or a phone.
Whenever I get down in a rut…i look to this song. This song is an orchestra recorded by its members on phones! I had the pleasure to mix it.

Keep making and keep writing.


Wow, that’s awesome Michelle. You are full of talent in all directions and very smart.

I am still writing songs, but i did enjoy my time in the studio mixing etc.

I won’t do anything for a while. Thanks for your thoughts

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