Category Topics

Introduce Yourself

New to the forum? Introduce yourself! Have any questions, recommendations, or suggestions, this is the place.


We all start somewhere. There are plenty of questions to ask along the way and you won't get any flack for asking them here.

Bash This Recording

Upload songs you’ve recorded and mixed for critiquing from our members and staff. Songwriting, performances, recording quality, and mixing will all be critiqued. This is an excellent way to get an extra pair of ears on your music before releasing it to the public!

Singers and Songwriters

Share lyrics and lyric ideas, song crafting, tips on projects, etc.

Recording, Mixing and Producing

From microphone placement, gear reviews, to the classic "Which DAW is best?" debate, discuss all things recording here!


Guitars, bass, keyboards, and any other musical instruments spoken here. And also drums. Lessons, reviews and anything related to fine tuning our craft.

Progress Logs

The Progress Log is a place for you to set some goals, show and share your progress, and receive tips from fellow members.

Cover the Decades

Welcome to IRD’s Cover the Decades competition! Over the coming months, we will host a series of contests. Each covering a chosen song representing the decade that the original was recorded. More details to come!!