Rip Van Winkle facing the REAPER

Rip Van Winkle here. I just woke up from a long sleep, opened Reaper, and realized (by Download New Version prompt) that they’re now on version 7.09! Yikes! I didn’t even know they were on version 7 yet.

My license was thru the end of version 6. So I’m wondering if I should upgrade my license for the Brave New World? Or might I fall back asleep again and never really use it? An existential question.

Would I be missing anything? Does anybody use any new features of Reaper 7? I left off at version 6.81 some months ago … before the sleep. :upside_down_face: I can’t even get later versions of Reaper 6, they don’t retain them in their archive. Only the versions since 7.00 are there. And I don’t see any User Manuals for those versions (except the latest).

Anyhoo, maybe I’ll start composing and recording again … if I can stay awake! :wink:

I hope everyone is doing well. Kinda slow around here I guess.

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BTW - I find the IRD site to be quite slow and glitchy right now. Spinning wheels while the ghost in the machine is ‘thinking’, perhaps?
A new ‘AI’ plugin for the Discourse forum platform? All the cool kids got those don’t ya know.

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I did the upgrade and with my minimal use don’t see a whole lot of difference, although the tutorials I’ve seen seem to suggest greater functionality . I think the nag screen made me feel guilty.


I haven’t watched any videos on v7 yet, I’m curious what might be new so I guess that’s the next step.

I assume it’s still just ~$60 to do the upgrade. We’ll see if I start using it again.

Eh man! Good to see you’re recording again! Or at least dusting off the old software :wink:

I do on safari, but not a problem with Chrome, if the OS and browser are up to date.

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Yep, dusting. That’s what I’m doing. :slightly_smiling_face:

It could be on my end. But I was curious who else might be having issues, so thanks for the reply on that!

I tried using reaper years ago when it first came out. I remember reading on here someone said something like during a production meeting you have your Pro Tools out and when its over you get reaper out. I thought that was awesome and so inspiring that I tried reaper. I loved how flexible it was and even spent a whole day downloading different template formats that others created for that perfect color scheme. I think I even bought a few for $5. The problem I had with reaper was that I spent so much time trying to learn how to use it and set it up that I wasn’t recording anything. If I didn’t get off there I would of spent a year trying to “perfect” the set up. I went back to good old Sonar was glad I could only change the color of the tracks and add instrument icons, that was it. :slight_smile:

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I had the same struggle going from Pro Tools to Reaper. I had learned Pro Tools quite well (some years ago) and really liked it. When they were changing their licensing and fees ($$), though, I decided to give Reaper a try. The learning curve seemed quite steep for some reason. I don’t know why. Many keyboard shortcuts were similar, and many functions translated (though not all). I didn’t get into customizing too much, I just wanted to record and mix with it. I nearly gave up on Reaper numerous times, and used both Reaper and (my old version of) Pro Tools concurrently for a few years. A computer crash finally made the decision for me, to abandon Pro Tools.

The price is obviously attractive, and that the Reaper community is so robust and responsive to changes is nice. The customization and flexibility is also helpful at times, but definitely felt overwhelming at first. It’s quite stable, I have rarely had any kind of crashes with it. The old versions of Pro Tools were notoriously flaky (resource hog), even under the best circumstances.

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