I can't seem to adjust my input signal

I am having issues trying to adjust my signal from my Apollo 8 into my Cakewalk program. I made a video to try and describe the issue. I would love if anyone can help me with this problem. Many thanks, James.

Not sure if I can help…but I do own and Apollo…

Are you recording the UA effects, or are you just monitoring them?

As shown here in the red circle, if you want to just monitor the effects (eg compression) while just recording the dry signal, you need to select “UAD MON” instead of “UAD REC” (under “insert effects”).

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Thanks Andrew, yes that was clicked but there were not effects on. I was clicking everything at that point to see if something was causing it. I downloaded Studio One to try and see if it was a Cakewalk issue and it does the same thing in Studio One. I did find however that there is more white noise and hissing with cakewalk for some reason. I recorded the same vocals at the same time on both and there is a lot more noise going on with Cakewalk. So I narrowed it down to a Apollo 8 issue but I also figured out that Cakewalk has noise coming from something, which was a totally different issue.

Hi again, James - just been trying to think this through… Do you have another mic you can try apart from the Sphere Mic? As I can see your input level is really low despite having your preamp level set high, my guess is that the mic is outputting a very low level for some reason.

A quick web search tells me there is some dual channel trickery and calibration happening with that mic. The first port of call might be to check that the mic isn’t the issue. If you have access to another mic, try that first.

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You are a genius, i am going to try that. I think i just don’t know how to use this equipment. I don’t understand all the inputs and outputs and aux and so on. I will try another mic. THank you Andrew.

Have you tried a line level signal?

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I don’t know, do you mean the actual wire from Apollo to the computer?

I was just wondering if a guitar signal acted the same way through the Apollo. If I have it right, the Apollo is showing full signal, but Cakewalk is not. That sounds like a routing problem. Have you verified that Cakewalk is looking for the Apollo as the audio device?

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Yes, you are correct, the Apollo is showing a full signal but Cakewalk is showing very low with everything pushed up. Well, everything that lever that I can find to raise it up. This is my second Apollo, i just replaced the old one with this new one and that is when the Cakewalk shows it really low. BUT, when I play my synth, which goes directly into my computer via USB, the level of that is Cakewalk is incredibly high, i have to scale it way down with the Cakewalk fader coming in. So it is a setting on the new Apollo I believe. It’s this weird area after the Apollo and before the Cakewalk, but that can’t really be. I am using an Apple thunderbolt wire, that was $150 but I wonder if that is not the issue in some way. I don’t know.

Can you verify in Cakewalk that the Apollo is the recording device? Also, can you verify you have an output routed for your line/mic input? If your keyboard is routed as MIDI, it’s possible your line/mic input is not properly routed, which you would do in Cakewalk. For instance, you could be using a mic input that is not routed to Cakewalk while your MIDI is properly routed.

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