Started teaching myself how to play drums - check out my little noob drumkit! haha

Had the sudden impulsive urge to see how far I’d get it I started trying to learn to play the drums.

So I went and borrowed a Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit. Figured I’d start on a practice pad until I get at least some coordination and stick control, and I just ordered a hi-hat stand a few hours ago. Took the back head of the kick and stuffed a pillow inside because I couldn’t figure out how to tune it lol.

I have the rest of the kit pieces sitting around, but there’s practically no point in setting them up at the moment.

I started doing very very simple metronome drills to start developing basic motor skills.

If anyone has some good videos or tips, feel free to share, but keep in mind I can’t play much of ANYTHING meaningful at the moment! :slight_smile:


I love it! Anxious to hear some grooves soon!!

Pffft… might be a little while before you actually get a ‘groove’ - but thanks man - good to hear from ya!

Good on you, Jonathan! I think the limb-independence you have as a pianist will stand you in good stead to be a quick study for co-ordination on drums. Check out this channel “Drumeo” on YT - It has everything from beginner to way advanced. Here’s the beginner playlist:

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Study your 26 Drum Rudiments as a basic trainer. It may seem dumb, but they are the basics just like Pentatonic scales on guitar. You can do that on a drum pad or snare. Rolls, Paradiddles, Flams, and Taps.
I think it was 26 when I learned decades ago, maybe there’s 40 now:

I watched all six of those introductory videos that Domino Santantonio featured. I can get a kick and snare to land on quarter note downbeats, and I’m fine with hi-hat hits up to the 8th note division.

But anything subdivided lower than an 8th note that requires controlling double bounces (even if it’s a very simple single/double pattern), then I can’t get them even yet. I can’t quite play 8th’s consistently on the kick (with my hands moving at the same time). and opening/closing the hi-hat (say at the end of every measure) is still a little wonky.

I’ve been practicing just basic patterns with no hands like (k=kick, h=hats)
8ths: k h k h k k h h …or k k h h k k h h, then inverting it to k h h k k h h k, because with a click, it makes you really concentrate on how accurate you are with your feet. Now that probably isn’t helping limb independence (because of no hands), but doing that for about 15 min a day seems to be slightly improving coordination and precision.

I got my hi-hat stand too. These Pearl CX200 hi-hats are absolute junk, but that’s ok for now because I’m just getting going.

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8th’s on kick can be done, but it does take some practice. A double-kick drum is frequently the best alternative, though another skill to learn (2 kick pedals). Unless your leg muscles are really built up and your coordination is excellent (and lots of practice time too), 8th’s on a single kick may not be practical.

The open/closed hi-hat thing does take practice. I got pretty good at it after several years of playing drums (in my youth). There was a certain rhythm/riff popular in the 70’s when I was learning, this is the best example to come to mind at the moment (starts about 0:24):

I have new respect for the effort it takes to get a GOOD sound out of a drum. I’ve been through the ringer here trying different heads, tunings, and resonance control.

I can make do with garbage hi-hats for now, but I did need a legitimately usable ride and at least one decent crash. And I needed a proper seat, because ergonomics do matter, even as a beginner. These toms will never sound amazing, but I keep reminding myself that at my level (very low) it doesn’t matter right now.

First things first - just develop the coordination to play a couple basic beats with a steady consistent reliable tempo.


Yep, sounds like a plan. Some people practice with a metronome or a click track to get the feel of a steady tempo. You may not need that initially, but it’s a good exercise to at least do once in awhile, and a good way to measure your consistency as you progress in your skills.

Trying out some new stuff. Snagged a pair of 15" K sweet hats. Set up an A sweet 23", Byzance Polpyonic 21", and Byzance Foundry 21" on the right hand side. Put 'em next to each other and figured I’d play around with them for a couple weeks and see what sticks (no pun intended haha)


Is some of the kit old/used, or is it all fairly new? Did you buy it from someone or are you still ‘borrowing’ it? I noticed the Zildjian name on that cymbal near the middle. Is it the older ‘real’ Zildjian from Turkey, or a newer one from wherever they moved the manufacturing to? I had a Ludwig kit and real Zildjian cymbals back in the day, when I played drums.

I’d like to hear even a short snippet. Our band drummer uses old Zildjian cymbals also with Tama drums.

Send us a demo video, I think we all want to see you kicking some beats. :metal:t2:

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