Getting back into recording! Yay

Finally have my ‘day job’ schedule under control enough to where im starting to dabble in music again :slight_smile: just finished the setup on the new control room today. Been way too long! Did my first music mix in years since i started with barracuda networks as a software developer. Its been several years. Way too long. Good to see theres still some old friends hanging out on this forum!


Simply lovely!!!

Looks great!! I’m excited to see/hear what you’re creating :slight_smile:
Good to see you around again too!!

cha ching…impressive

Cool setup, very colorful! What is that art piece to the right side of the desk (pic 2 & 3)? It looks surreal, and glows! It has a certain elegance to it, like double-helix DNA. Big room. Are you thinking of recording bands again?

Very nice… and so clean! My studio was also my study and also a spare room for storing “stuff” during our *very long renovations. It still hasn’t recovered and will remain my study, but also still has remnants of “stuff”. Fair to say I won’t be posting images anytime soon.

Great to hear you are getting back into it all. Hopefully the fire gets lit and the time management stays in your favour.

Goodness! What a setup! What a room! What a view! :clap:

Looks like a led-strip-light based, er, light! Very, very cool looking though.

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Yes, there does seem to be an ‘overexposure’ of light in the picture from that thing. Causing the unusual glow from it.

Well you’ve had four months; are we gonna hear something?

Hey @AJ113 …Good to see you back on the forum!

It’s actually been 1 yr + 4 months.

I’m really not producing or recording anything meaningful. It’s almost all spoken-dialogue compressed and normalized for television news broadcast type stuff. I haven’t played or worked on any music in about 3 years. I probably should have titled this thread ‘Getting back into audio post-production normalization! Yay’ instead haha.

I think you wrote some kind of essay on metering a while back (like a LONG time ago). These days I basically remove noise artifacts from the voiceover, then try to park the LUFS at -18 per the broadcast station.