Some plug in deals, CLA compressor bundle $57ish etc

check here, probably need an account to see prices. This is where i got my waves Platinum.



I have heard that this is pretty cool. dunno

probably many other killer deals

If you are buying plugins, somehow you’re supposed to be able to go through the banner on this site to help support IRD. (I have never been able to “see” the banner so am no help.)

@holster - Including Bryan here so maybe he can explain further. (?)

oops lol. I generally buy thru do we have some sort of click deal with them

I do too and I’m not sure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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BTW, Overloud is giving away a FREE EQ:

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Hey guys.

Of everything that Waves makes, that CLA classic compressors bundle is probably the most important Waves bundle you could possibly buy if you do music. If you only ever have one plugin set from Waves, this is the one you want.

People with the UAD version of this probably don’t need it, but I would highly recommend these 1176’s and LA2A’s over the Slate and Native Instrument versions for 3 reasons:
1 - They emulate the rise and fall times accurately
2- The 1176’s have an all buttons in mode which the Slate does not
3 - There was extra detail given to the emulation of the hardware when slightly clipped and overdriven

There are many UAD owners that feel the Waves LA3A is better than the UAD version.

@Chordwainer @takka360, @Cristina, you guys in particular may want to snag that $57 bundle if you don’t already have them.

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Slate Monster is supposedly the ‘all buttons’ mode with added stuff like mix knob etc

If anyone is interested, here’s some tips I just gave Jon about that SSL bundle on of his bash threads…

I try not to buy too many plugins. Especially things like compressors, because I already have several, and in fact I do already have the Native Instruments versions of these. However, I’m taking your word for it on this one. I feel like they’ll probably never be a lower price, so if I think I’ll ever want them I might as well snag them now. And I do see them get used all the time in mixing tutorials and whatnot, so at the very least it could help me be on the same page with others.


thats partially why i got some of the stuff…to be able to follow along with youtube vids etc

here is where that deal is that I bought

all the SSL and API stuff plus the Waves “Neve” v comp stuff etc. I been waiting for the SSL E channel to go on some sort of sale since I see it in so many utube vids


Does anyone see any sort of Waves/Everyplugin banner on this site? I swear @holster said on another thread somewhere that he had it set up so IRD could make a few $$ off of plugin sales…

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Dammit! Are you trying to get me divorced???

I’ve been wondering if the “Loud Relief” dial on Boz’s (@bozmillar) might be trying to emulate this. (?) Just curious…

Not sure what his does…

The all buttons in mode on the 1176 causes an insane amount of changes. This may be the reason Slate excluded it from his models. It completely re-arrange the slew rate and knee of the compressor. Boz says the algorithms needed to emulate saturation take some know-how to implement. I know that the harmonics and distortion on the 1176 ABI (all buttons in) mode are radically overhauled when engaged, and the sweetspots on the VU meter move. I’ve heard that getting the all buttons in mode to really emulate the hardware was pretty much the equivalent of re-coding the whole damn thing. I’ve also heard ABI is one of the weaknesses of the WARM audio stuff.

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ALL buttons is supposedly the Slate ‘Monster’

I’ve never analyzed an 1176, so I can’t say with any certainty what it is doing.

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u got any boz t shirts for sale?

is the super delay still available or just imperial?

super delay was what I called it before I had a name for it. Now it’s Imperial Delay.

I don’t have any shirts for sale. It would be fun to do, but I don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling physical goods.

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Here’s that code I had!

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