A Waves coupon that may help you (and me, lol)

A Waves coupon that may help you (and me, lol)
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I was picking up another plugin and had this 10% off coupon pop up. Not sure if it will apply to sale items, but I suspect it does. Every penny counts, so feel free to put it to use! :slight_smile:


Some plug in deals, CLA compressor bundle $57ish etc

it DOES apply to sale items! Sweet :beerbanger:

use code YNY23 at checkout! you’re welcome :wink:



PS. Hey, that’s pretty cool how you can link to a post in another thread like that.


Oh! I totally missed your thread! Sorry about that. Also, if you click on one of the Waves or everplugin ads that shows up in the ads section of this site, it helps support this site and keep us running. Double bonus! :beerbanger:

Some plug in deals, CLA compressor bundle $57ish etc

Good to know! I’ll turn off my ad blocker!

Huh. I just turned off my ad blocker and reloaded the page but I still don’t see it…


interesting. there should be banner ads towards the top and/or bottom of each page. What browser are you using?


Firefox. Yeah, all I see is the word “Advertisement”… I’ll look through my “FF Options”…


Can’t figure it out. In Chrome I see an Ad for “Everquote” - an insurance thing. No Waves or Everyplugin…


if you go to waves’ site and come back to here, it’ll likely change the ad that you see


Sorry. Nope to both. Insurance ad in Chrome and just the word “Advertisement” in FF. (?) Not that I want to get ads working, mind you, but would like to have the opportunity to support this site if I happen to do another “impulse” buy…


BTW, that was @BigAlRocks 's thread… :grin:


I’ve been meaning to update this thread with some info and finally ran across it again: in order to get ads to show up on this site (which I generally hate, but this is for a good cause. :grin: ) in FireFox specifically, you click the little shield icon to the left of the address bar to disable the built-in ad blocker. I’e always used a plugin, so was unaware that that needed to be done as well. Now I see ads when I browse this forum.


Thanks @miked!!