Slate everything it worth it etc? Any snags?

Slate everything it worth it etc? Any snags?

They’re $9.99 pr month, and you can add the Sly Fi bundle for $3 extra :slight_smile:

I went ahead and did this, but mainly because I had grown to be heavily dependent on the Kush Clariphonic. After I used them for a year, I decided I’d just buy the Clariphonic. Before I was using the Slate Earth and Air, the UAD Millenia, Chandler Curve Bender and the Maag for the hi-frequency lift that the Clariphonic gives you, but I like the way the Clariphonic does it better. :slight_smile:



well, of course. Should they not try to compete with their competitor?

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Cool! Please give us some feedback once you’ve got some mileage on 'em!

Not so sure he’s trying to compete. Those are cheaper “gateway” plugins to draw you in. I rarely see big sales on the brand which is a little irritating for us bottom feeders. Kush could definitely use a free plugin or two to get some more people using the plugins - IF he ven cares or needs them. But man is that subscription price tempting… Still, it’s a subscription.

Waves. Grrrr. Waves is on my sh*t list right now, really since their version 10 “upgrade”. Between plugins not showing up, GUI display issues, their stupid WUP BS and having to reinstall my “old” plugins with a multi-GB “legacy” installer that has to be downloaded and installed to get my non-WUP’d v9 plugins to work again after I bought a “new” v10 plugin and updated the Waves Installer program to … (Rant over.)

Bless you @bozmillar for your creative outside the box high quality plugins and especially your straightforward installation process. :bowing_man:

Back to Kush, absolutely stellar marketing if you ask me. (Which you’re not, I know, but I see to be in rant mode.) He is getting his brand out there. His music is killer (IMHO), plugins are top quality from the ones I’ve tried, his HappyFuntimePodcast is the only podcast I listen to and super informative and entertaining. :+1::+1: His music was the first thing that grabbed my attention though. FWIW.

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Here ya go. :slight_smile:



Yes, absolutely. It was just the exact price point that struck me. Or this:

Is that like “gateway drugs”? :grin: That’s kind of what I thought too. I saw these cool $100+ (each) plugins, then a few $29 jobbies. It seemed like an intro/enticement.

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I read that one. I guess it wasn’t clear - I meant Kush. :grin: