Bleev UR (bash please)

Bleev UR (bash please)

Okay, I had to take a break from mixing for a bit. Too many competing things going on in my life, but also just feeling like I needed to get my head clear.

This is a song from a bit ago. Totally remixed. Would love candid feedback, on the mix in general, but especially on the drums and bass. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting it, and other times like IDK what I’m doing. I think I need to just need to spend so much time on a song before getting some corrective feedback and suggestions.

I’ve also been listening to vocals and ac guitars on others’ bashing posts. Would love specific feedback on the acoustic guitars and vox, re: they were recorded in an untreated room. I’ve posted elsewhere to get input on treatment of my space. That’ll be next on my list.


Okay, I totally re-did the mix on the drums. Thanks for the drum-bash. I do like this better. Also, worked on the bass: added “just a smidgeon” of chorus and tweaked the EQ and made it a tad louder. Also re-EQ’d the vocals.

Two versions: the first below has a slightly different EQ on the vox, and added a touch of Vitamin on the mix buss. Second version has no Vitamin at all. Slightly different EQ on vox.

Re-recorded vox, re-EQ bass, tweak drum mix:



I really like the sound of the acoustic guitar, and the electric sounds nice too. The drums are sticking out to me though, as something that could use some work. The snare is bothering me… I think something snappier would sound better, with a bit more of a tail. The kick isn’t coming through that much either and I suspect I wouldn’t be able to hear it on smaller speakers. The whole drum kit sounds kind of muffled and far away.

The bass sounds pretty good to me, except that it’s difficult to hear. I can feel it so I know it’s there, and if I concentrate I can hear it, but it’s not cutting through. To me, this isn’t always a problem… but you could try a bit of saturation or something if you want it to cut through more.

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The guitars sound fine to me. The vocal has a thin nasal tone with no body. The bass is a bit dark and could use some midrange. The drums sound like they were done by a non drummer. The patterns are hap hazard and they really don’t flow. There are cymbal crashes in strange spots.

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Thanks, Christina. Good words. I’ll have a chance to work on the drums and bass tomorrow.



Thanks for this. My son’s an excellent drummer. I’ll get him to help me with the drum arrangement.

Any tips on fixing the vocals? Bass seems like an easy fix. Will work on tomorrow.



Listening as I type and have not read other comments yet.
Those acoustics sound awesome!!! In regards to your concerns, if I were picky I’d say that the snare is a bit odd at times in that the initial punch is a bit clicky, but that’s me looking for something.
If anything, there are a few level issues which could be easily fixed. I found the tom hits a bit too up front or perhaps boomy compared to the rest of the kit, especially when compared to the kick.
I like the vocal level later in the song but the first verse seems very covered and quiet (coming from me who buries vocals!).

I think overall it’s sounding pretty good. Nice one.

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Only thing that bothered me was the LOFI vocals in the opening and then came clean after, to my ears it didnt sound right for this kind of track.

I would attempt to run clean vocals all the way through and maybe add that LOFI vocal effect either around the middle of the track or near the end.If not, keep it clean all the way through or use another more fitting effect on the vocals if you wish to keep it at the start.At the very least, make that LOFI vocal effect “less LOFI” and scale it back to a more “cleanish” vocal but with a subtle LOFI effect and not so pronounced.

Nothing else stood out in a major way on my first listen, but i may come back and give more information.



Bass Guitar Collab?

Hey @Tesgin, I enjoyed your playing on this. Very nice. I don’t really have anything more to offer in terms of feedback from what the others have said, other than perhaps a song you can use for comparison. (?) The solo-outro starts around 3:20 and may give you some direction as far as balances and tones. HTH!

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Thanks, Dan. I do feel good about the acoustics, but sometimes I feel good about things I shouldn’t feel good about! So, thanks for the validation.

Cristina commented on the snare as well. Y’know, I was experimenting with an envelope to control the velocity of the snare. Maybe I did too much and need to scale it back. I’ll work on that next.

Yup. You are right. I hear that now.

Are you referring to the beginning with the “radio” EQing of the verse? Or to the repeat of that verse with regular EQ? I “think” you’re referring to the latter. I struggled with mixing the vocals, balancing the soft and louder parts. What I did was gain stage the clips so they were a more uniform volume, so the effects of the compressor were more even; then, I used volume automation to balance the softer and louder parts. Maybe I overdid it?



Thanks for this. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that either. I “liked” it, but as you said, maybe not for an entire verse. Maybe not to start the song also. Will fix.

I wanted to do something different for variety’s sake, to make the first iteration of the verse different. Should I nix the repeat of verse 1 altogether? Vary it up in some other way?



Love the acoustics, agree with others that the drums are the main thing. The snare in particular sounds like it’s being smothered under a mattress-load of compression. I think the muffled drums, in another context, could work. But against the brightness of the acoustic-led arrangement, they sound like the drummer was through the wall in a different studio.

Also agree with Billybob about the vocals.

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Ah, a Keaggy classic. One of my favorites!

Yes, the balance in his mixes is so sweet.

I hear what you mean with the balance of the guitars and also with the drums mix. Helpful reference. I just reposted my remix (above). Love to hear what you think.



I think I like the 2nd version with no vitamin, although now your vocal is pushed back too much. Actually, the level in the beginning is fine, but when all the guitars get cranking, the vocal kind of gets buried. Drums sound a lot better to me too, although the toms are still too loud. Lots of cool guitar parts - very nice! The squeaky fret noise on the right acoustic needs to be tamed. Other those tiny and simple things, ithis sounds really solid and well-put together. Nice job!
— edit —
I take it back, you’ve got your toms just fine if you’re comping that Phil Keaggy song. Although is toms are too loud too! :wink: That has got to be one of THE best outros ever…

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I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been pointed out. About the only think I could nitpick (and it’s totally personal preference) is the sound of the fingers sliding on the acoustic guitar. That’s one of those things that always stands out to me.

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Yeah, miked mentioned that too. Any EQ suggestions that might help there? Maybe a de-esser or dynamic EQ? Anything shy of re-recording?

Also, how do you feel about the vocals? Nobody else said anything about it, but ocnor suggested they sounded too thin and nasal. I re-EQ’d but would love any thoughts there. I think they sound “better” but am thinking or re-doing as well, unless y’all think it’s okay?



Hi I been really busy and missed this. Wow nice intro. Those guitar accents are great. Almost too much space between verse at first. Very seldom I have an upbeat religious song that I tapped my foot. You are a great guitarist. congrats

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I defer to someone more experienced. I don’t have a clue how to fix that without re-recording.



Grab an EQ like Melda’s or a Deesser like the Waves Sibilance that let’s you “solo” the frequency and hunt down the squeaks that way. Then Deess/Dynamic EQ them. You don’t have to totally get rid of them, they make your playing sound “organic”, just reduce the harshness and loudness. That’s how I’d try to do it anyway. Maybe someone else has a better technique?



I’ll do it. Will post a re-mix soon.

I got Sibilance over the holidays when Waves was giving it away free. I like that thing. Very straightforward and seems to do a nice job.



Thanks, Paul. That means a lot to me. I appreciate the words of encouragement.

I’m not sure what you mean?