Anyone up for a November songwriting challenge?

Anyone up for a November songwriting challenge?
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Im trying to motivate (force) myself to be productive and focused. I might do a little November songwriting challenge. I need to get some “reps” in on all this songwriting process stuff

for me, i’m thinking along these lines for the month of November:

  1. 20 sets of lyrics (at least 1 verse, prechorus, chorus…or just verse-chorus if it seems to go that way)

  2. 5 of those 20 will be turned into demos with music and vocal melodies

  3. Pick (maybe have a vote?) the best of those 5 and rerecord it properly and build it and (omg) actually FINISH a decent song. No, song wont be finished in November but pick one TO finish anyway

song like a good idea?

anyone want to play along?

Thanks, JJ

Edit. Its kind of funny, im doing this edit on 11/26/17. Ive done 4 songs for this challenge but I cant remember them for the life of me lol. I suppose thats normal for a 50 yr old.

Gonna out them here so I dont have to keep searching

#1 ‘The Fear’

#2 “youre not real” mix #2

#3 'im Glad"

#4 'First time’

#5 “blood and Steel”


I’ve got some lyrics. :grin:


im not talking about a collaboration though, im trying to see if anyone wants to accept the same challenge…sort of like “who wants to commit to lose 5 lbs this month” type of thing

any excuse for me to do some work lol


I’m going to blow the lid off this competition with my unparalleled talent.


CHALLENGE, not competition lol


This sounds like a great idea! I like the challenge idea. And if someone wants to utilize the end product for a future contest, that’d be cool too!


Oh, Bryan. Always the opportunist.


lol. Nah, not as much as I probably should be, but I DO know that a number of folks on here would love to see more mix contests/opportunities and hopefully we can provide several soon.


Cover version comp?

It’s a bit basic and obvious but I’m not sure it has happened before - has it?


I’m up for a November challenge but um… I’m feeling quite lateral at the moment so goodness knows what I’ll end up with :wink:


I’m feeling quite longitudinal. Maybe we can team up and form an atlas?


well that’s a holistic thought… :sunglasses:


I’m in


What would be a better challenge (more practical)?

  1. trying to get 5 original songs demoed in a month (super basic low quality demos)


  1. trying to write and “finish” ONE song in a month

orrrrrr, maybe what we all need the most work on

  1. write and basic demo 10 HOOKS in a month

Any ideas? Thanks, JJ


“Finishing” a song is a real ‘stopper’ for me as I really struggle with this…
For me, I’d really like a creative flurry, just throwing some things out there… We could label them something like Nov SoC or some dumb thing and be clear if we post them that they are creative work in progress… One a week?


maybe a nice 2 month long, 2 part thing, if we have the attention span lol

Month 1. Commit to posting up one demo song per week. However each person defines demo, but it needs to have vocals obviously (thats my lazy point). Maybe help each other decide which is the best demo and then---->

Month 2. Pick ONE of those demos and “finish” it to the best of your current ability…posting your progress each week.

problem there being it goes into Christmas and we will all get sidetracked on that 2nd month lol


Sounds cool…
maybe the xmas deadline is still okay… just the ‘to the best of our ability’ by xmas and within that restricted time frame?
I found myself already mentally procrastinating till the new year and that’s a bad trick of mine… always making excuses…
One a week for the month of November? label them ‘November demo’…
I’d like to try some experimental stuff…


I started early lol


lets get this thing going.

Im going to aim for at least 5 demos which for me will probably mean drums/guitar/vocal

I guess we should each have separate threads for our own demos but also post them together in this thread or a new thread?

any ideas?

or maybe wait until the end and see how much participation we get and THEN make a post where all the demos are listed together and we each decide/vote on which songs to finish?

Bash November challenge demo #3
Bash Demo #2 "You're Not Real" Nov demo challenge
November Songwriting challenge. Bash the demo

Let’s put them in Bash this… with a heading - November songwriting challenge - and maybe a link to this thread?
Gawd… it’s November already… better get moving… :smile: