Bash November challenge demo #3

as per—> Anyone up for a November songwriting challenge?

demo #3 this month

Song is vaguely about living one’s life depressed/in a fog. Ironically I was simply too depressed/low energy today to lay down any guitar solos so it has some bare spots where there are supposed to be solos

It is what it is

It’s awesome to see that you’re sticking to your goal even on the days that you’re not necessarily feeling it. :+1:

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Well im hoping that all the cliches are true. “Practice makes perfect”. and of course there is the ol’ “10,000” hour rule. There is also the sense that maybe you have to write 1000 songs before you can call yourself a writer etc (the Beatles didnt need that many but there were 4 of them plus George Martin)

Part of learning is also just doing something enough to streamline the actual PROCESS. Like this demo here, it didnt take all THAT long. So im trying to get into habit of adding bass gtr and at least SOME bgv etc without it being such a mental hangup and thing to dread

Also assuming that frustration is a part of it all. i want to sound a certain way, but I dont. So I get pissed and dejected. But that just focuses me more and something in the psyche (or whatever) will find some missing keys etc to gradually get closer to a Vh/Soundgardenish vibe

Im still pretty green on some of this stuff. maybe an estimate of my experience levels:

guitar 50,000 hrs (lol)
recording 5000 hrs
singing 2000 hrs
bass playing 1000 hours
focused mixing 1000 hours
songwriting, hard to say because ive written lots of lyrics etc. but FOCUSED writing? <1000 hours?

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Great sound. Lots going on in there. I’m glad vox or harmony off a little. I 'm in cans and can’t hear much bass. Love the high voice and the talking part. Good break there. I wish I was more technical to comment on the mix. Sorry about that. i do learn from each song I hear. You use a lot of reverb on the vox and I have to try that.

I wish I could caclulate hours played on guitars starting 58 years ago. ha ha



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Oooh another good song Jon Jon!!
I really like this one… the ‘honey?’ questions work so well, draw the listener in and there is a great question and answer synergy thing happening with the guitars and voice… love the spoken bit towards the end - there is a lovely raw edge to this one. It catches that sense of despair but plunges on through it and the listener can relate to the feelings. There is a sense of relaxed don’t give a !*&! with the vocals, which works well.

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its got a low harmony and a high one. the low one is off for sure lol

I have no idea how myself. I have seen 10000 hrs equated to 5 years ( i have no idea how they get that lol)

10000 hrs straight is like 416 days

if you do something for 2 hours per day it will take 13.7 years to get to 10000 hr. I probably played 4 hours per day average for the first 7 years I played, so thats probably 10000 hrs. Maybe I have 25k altogether now? dunno. Either way there is still a lot I cant do lol. Anyone could get to where I am in about 5 years lol

ive been playing guitar for 30 years next year, so you have me doubled up lol

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Hey, from what I hear, there is nothing wrong and I found it matches (more or less) your feeling.
I wish to get more BV on pre-chorus to really enhance the chorus part and I found the song could have better section transitions (to make each section obvious).

Nice work to me!

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