Anyone up for a November songwriting challenge?

Anyone up for a November songwriting challenge?
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Just throwing this out there. I REALLY like the idea of just throwing some unfinished demos out there to get the process started. You’ll get a LOT more people involved as they are more open to sharing what they’re working on than you’ll get otherwise. A lot of people are less likely to share a “completed” project out there because they often don’t ever feel like it’s truly “completed”. Just my 2 cents.
Anyway, my idea… When you submit a demo, you could mention in the post whether or not you’re open to collaboration on the demo. That could really help a number of people to keep the ball rolling on the project.


the idea IS to throw out unfinished, scratch demo stuff. At the end of November people have the option to pick one of their songs and try to “finish” it

Its just something to get me (us) to get over mental barriers and actually sing (or whatever peoples particular hangups are)


Maybe I misread the post. Sorry


for all confused peeps, the idea is more or less to throw out one scratch demo per week in November

for me that will be ezdrummer drums, guitar, vocals…maybe bass. all just quick and dirty to get a feel for what it can turn into

I guess the idea is that a lot of us r perfectionists and if we cant have something perfect then we just procrastinate into nothingness. so this is an attempt to overcome some of that perfectionism by stating ahead of time that these are just demo ideas…not polished tracks


This sounds like it will be much fun. Down the road I thought it would be a good idea to do a challenge on completely new material. Somebody would start with their idea only. It would read …genre, country…topic fishin, or skinny dippin or whatever. The ideas would be set forth from that first post. Just a thought??




this IS for new material lol

see where it says ‘songWRITING’ lol


its funny how the mind and psyche works…along with ingrained habits.

  1. ive upped my lyric writing lately and actually started entering them into notepad. Thats good

  2. I have my guitar recording setup arranged nicely atm so its easy for me to practice and record demo stuff. Thats good

  3. My singing voice should be as good as ever atm. I have purposefully NOT sang as much at work so im keeping my voice fresh

  4. I got my headset working so I can easily sing and record vocals while comfortably sitting up in bed with the trusty laptop next to me etc

  5. I had Wed and Thur off from work. Wed was Nov 1, the start of this challenge

  6. I wrote a brand new song on guitar Tues and Wed and had ideas for the vocal melody and lyrics

  7. sooooooo today…I STILLLLL procrastinated on actually singing lol. I guess you can lead a horse to water lol


Ok, sorry, I thought it said some of your unused tracks. i get most wrong


well I might use some of my old stuff, old lyrics or old guitar stuff. No exaggeration I have enough guitar demos laid down for at least 5 albums lol

You might be confused thinking this is a COLLABORATION challenge? It wasnt intended that way. This is just all of us trying to help motivate each other to get on the stick and throw down some demo ideas


lets get this party started


I’ve already started ‘thinking’ about what I’m going to do… have had absolutely no time but am determined to put ‘something’ together next week and that it will be all fresh and not a recycle from my parking zone… so it will likely be very experimental. Thanks for pushing ahead with this! :smile:


I’ve got a demo on my new banjo. So far I only know three chords, so it’s definitely going to be a novelty track, but a damn good one.


I’m going to use the cow sounds I recorded the other day… :wink:


I would love to have got involved in this but am currently moving out of our house and moving in with folks! I dismantled the remains of my studio last noght :cry:
Cant wait to build a new one in the future! But for now in a couple of weeks once we’re settled its laptop/headphones/interface and guitar. And thats it!!! Lol
Here is shot of desolate studio…


Hey, what the heck! I just wrote and recorded my Roy Moore song, so I’m submitting it!

No cows.


what do we have to do to get the player to work in my first post?


Fixed now - you have to leave a space of a line between any text and the code for the uploaded mp3


Song #5 done. ‘blood and Steel’