Wasteland mix

Wasteland mix


Here is my mix of Wasteland, I went a lot dryer on the vocals than most of the mixes I’ve heard so far. I also used the alternate vocal for a double. I added a lot of tracks, maybe I changed it too much, but I was having fun with it and the next thing I knew it had more guitars all over it lol.

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Kudos for diving in and adding to it! You went a direction that I didn’t think would work at all, and yet, it actually does work! I can’t really say much about the mix yet as I’m on a laptop, but good job giving it your own spin! :beerbanger:
I’ll check the mix when I’m home this evening


Ha. That works better than I expected it to. And it’s refreshing to hear a completely different take on the song.

The low end does feel a bit muddy to me. The piano caught me off guard a bit too being as loud as it is.


Somehow I didn’t notice just how obnoxiously I mixed that piano until you said that, but now I hear it and I agree it should be a couple db’s quieter.


That’s the hardest part about mixing for me. Once I hear something once or twice, it sounds right to me. It’s hard for me to tell in an instrument is too quiet if I know exactly what it sounds like. I can hear each note because I’ve heard it solod so many times, that even if it’s inaudible I can still hear it. Same thing when something is way too l loud.


I decided not to really comment on any of the mixes because I’m totally biased, but… this production surprisingly works and is really cool!! It’s something I would have never done myself, but quite like!


Sounds cool.It would be a good to keep as a project and work on it over time and make it better and better .


Thanks! I was a little concerned that I had done too much to it. I didn’t want it to seem as if I was disrespecting the song, which was great, by adding a bunch of crap to it. So I’m just glad you’re not mad about it lol.


I’m glad to hear it’s because you’re biased and not because I mortified you and you decided not to listen to anymore.

Clamman, I’m gonna give this a play…


Hey, cool work you did, I didn’t expect that kind of result.
I found it work very well and I agree with previous replies so I’m not going to repeat them. Plus you get feedbacks from the artist :+1:

The little one thing I could add is I found the guitar bass player a bit lazy only playing the root during the song…

By the way, nice and bold mix to mix!!


Holy, hell, those guitars should not work as well as they do. I don’t like the vocal effects that the beginning, and some of the singing sounds out of time because of the tempo change. Everything sounds really good though, and I like what you added for varities sake.


Yeah I noticed that on one line, I couldn’t figure it out, it was just in that one spot. I should have melodyned the timing of something there to make it work, but I got used to it and left it.


Nice job.

What I like:

nice groove
ending power chords
nice overall energy thanks to what you added

What I would prefer:

less high frequency buzz on intro and outro
less sibalance and high end on the intro and some parts in the chorus
more clarity from the other instruments…sounds muddy
less piano
more vox on “who knows”


Very nIce and different mix.
Disturbing noise on main guitar at the beginning and end.
Piano a bit too loud.
Solo guitar sound could be more “hard rock” to fit your instrumentation.
A bit muddy on the low/low mids.
Veeery good job in general.

Good luck!


I really love the direction of the re-mix!! Everything sounds pretty ok, just miss some grit to make it solid and glue together!


Yeah I really should have held onto this mix another day or two, there’s a lot I could have done to make it a little better.


Listening to this new arrangement is so good it’s like being shot in the face with a double barrel pleasure machine gun loaded with food, shelter, and love. Like some have said, some of the vox are out of time now, but there’s a lot to like about this mix. Some subtle refining could have helped a lot. I would have highpassed the bass guitar some more to get rid of that thunderous low end that’s cluttering up the mix. Could probably be fixed with some mutli-band comrpession on the bass, and also recommend turning the piano down or off, because it really really doesn’t fit the heavy arrangement. I love you.


That is by far the nicest thing anyone has ever said about anything I’ve ever worked on ever. Thank you sir :wink:


I like your take on it man. My only thoughts is the bass doesn’t sound in time when the verse kicks back in after the chorus. Just IMO, I could be hearing it wrong though


I find myself a little uninterested in listening to all the different mixes because most of the time the remixes are merely level adjustments, delays, reverbs, compression, etc., but this was a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone actually changed the song and added obvious (not subtle) instrumentation.

At the start of the song, the vocals seemed like they were EQ’d to sound like they were coming from a telephone…At first I was thinking "Damn, does he think this sounds good’?! …But, then the vocals changed once the drums and bass came in, and I thought “Ah, that’s better”. Hearing the song as a whole, now I can appreciate the initial vocal EQ choice.

I like the way you brought some rockin’ energy to this. I’d try to clarify the drums in the mix, later in the song. They seem to get buried a bit as the other instruments come in and the song builds, although they’re clear when they first come in.

I also like that you redid the little guitar solo part. It sounds much cleaner and concise to me.

Riley Hawke - Wasteland (Experimental Heavy Metal Guitar Mix) Feedback Requested Featuring YoDudeRock!