Wasteland mix

Wasteland mix


Yeah that was the idea to have them all lofi and weird sounding for that first part of the verse until everything kicks in. There’s a lot I could do to improve things overall, this was my first mix in Reaper so I was a little out of my comfort zone, and didn’t have all my normal plugins. I think I will probably go back and polish things up at some point just to have it, but its too late for the mix contest


So congrats to get such a result with that constraint!!


Thanks! I am pretty happy with it overall. I just have a tendency in every mix to get to a point where I think it sounds awesome, and then I get excited about it and mix down too soon. I can’t use Reaper as an excuse for that lol.


Great thought! :+1:


aggressive one) vocal should be more louder i thought


Unexpected mix !!!

90’s rock vibe there. Love it.

Just have to clean the low of the kick.

congrats crazy guy !


Killer mix man! Nice and outside the box, and very very well done. I seem to be commenting these right after Moa22 on these mixes - and as he said, the only thing I really hear is the kick in the first half is too loud. Once things get cranking though, it really works. Cool mix all around. This was a fun one!


Nice unexpected mix. Being a lazy bass player, the 1/8th notes didn’t bother me. :wink:


As rock n roll kind of gal, I loved all the extra additions to your mix!! So could be a bit of bias there on my rating for your mix… lol
I love good dry vocals for this mix, I think dry vocal approach is appropriate for this song as it brings out the pain that lays beneath the song. Vocals can be dry but they can still be made empowering with the right choices.

I had a love-hate relationship with the vocals in this mix. I think they work in parts but in some other parts they were a bit too “thin and narrow”. Opening vocals came out a bit thin from being notched a bit more than needed. I assume it was done to make room for the rock and roll additions. It still works and is smooth to listen to.

Great work! Fantastic additions!!


It was meant to sound like a lofi telephone type effect in the beginning part, and on a word or two later in the song.
I don’t think I quite pulled it off though as it kind of comes off as just being badly eqed, so maybe I needed to either make the effect more obviously an effect, or leave the vocals more natural in those spots.


Aha! yea I think a bit more obvious on the effect could have pulled it off. I do see what you were doing though. It could be really cool if it opened with a faint distant radio type echo that built up gradually into the regular sound, as if marooned in the wasteland - flashback - dreamsequence- type thing. Really cool mix though.


I keep coming back to listen to this mix just because it is so outside the box. I’m still shocked that the same vocal works so well with the version. I think the only knocks I have are the initial vocal. I definitely see what you were going for, but it just didn’t quite do it. Then of course, the mood and introspective lyrics kind of get lost with the jam - but it is just so well done! Again - nice job! What drum vst do you use? They sound great!


Thanks! I used ez drummer 2 for the drums.


Yeah man i am digging this. For me this feels good. I think the kick is a little thick but not too much. I found the vocal in the first verse just did not sit quite right but I would say a few tweaks and right on.


already did my input previously (monitors AV40s, treated room)
this is an earbud pass (hearing all mixes on some terrible samsung earbuds)

vocals and guitars peeked in parts (not very distortion friendly earbuds)

other than that seemed to translate fine , not much to add other than what was previously mentioned and mentioned by others.

bass loops sound super cool on these.


I’ll have to open the session back up and look, I didn’t think I had anything peaking anywhere but I could have. I did add some distortion on things here and there so it could be that as well. I know I added it on at least one of the original guitar tracks because it was too clean for my mix. And I think the vocal double might have had some as well. Or maybe I just had stuff peaking also lol.

I’m not sure what you mean, I didn’t use any loops, the bass is real.


these are pretty old headphones, the guitars start peaking (Crackle) right away around 50sec mark, could just be coming in too hot.

bass translated great though.


Ok I listened to it, those guitars that come in at 50 seconds and do kind of a slide thing have distortion added to them. My intention was to make them sound like they were recorded distorted, but perhaps I failed. After all I did just throw a plugin on an already recorded clean guitar. Either way it was intentional, whether it worked or not.


it sounds fine on monitors, the distortion doesn’t crackle there (it just sounds like a bit restricted and fighting a bit) , I think the distortion plugin or the levels might have slight scalability issues for older headphones. Maybe either turn the volume down by like 1 db or scale back the distortion just a tiny bit. Distortion sounds cool though, the whole mix is sort of groovin!