Updated Textural/Progressive Funk Rock Odyssey with New Intro

Yes, here I am, showing up like a bad penny - back again to annoy you all with this :persevere::

I have updated this mix with some alterations in the intro, courtesy of the fine suggestions of @Sven. Please have a listen and let me know what you think… Thanks

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Hi there Penny,

I like the intro better now, it flows and it drags me along with it, quite naturally…
I’d still be a bit careful when the riff guitars are added at 2:18 - still feels a tad intrusive to me and I’d lower them. If you need to UP something at this point, I’d consider adding a few dB on the bass. To go with the “bulldozer” theme… I feel the guitars are competing too much with the vox.

Don’t have a problem with the loud guitars at 3:11 - as there’s no vox to run over there…

It’s a cool tune and it reminds me of this Dutch band… for some reason…

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Sounding pretty damn good Andrew. I still dig the chorus in the beginning, but yeah, it’s pretty 1980s.

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Sounds really good, there’s not much advice i could give here. I’d personally spread the hats out a bit more if it was me but only personal preference. Nice chops man.

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Great sound and playing/singing too, thanks for sharing this. So are you label shopping or do you have other plans?

Maybe @feaker will lend you his bulldozer for a video?


Well, I hope if you use it you have eaten your cheerio’s. because you have to crank it to start it.

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Cool, thanks for the idea, and thanks for taking another listen, Sven!

I’m a bit confused what you’re getting at here, because the main riff guitar plays in between the chorus vocal phrases, so to my way of thinking it is a “call and response” sequence. If there are vocals that it “runs over”, they are background vocals that are meant to be…well… in the background.

…so I think I’m going to stick to my guns here, because the riff is a BIG part of the chorus, and the song was actually written around it. Believe me, I’ve tried it at different levels, but the choruses simply lose energy and focus that way, because it is so intrinsic to the song. I did aready increase the bass level quite substantially compared to the verses - any more and it becomes muddy and starts to swamp the drive of the drums.

Thanks - yeah, I can hear similarities in the chordal figures of those Hammond riffs - cool track! - I’ve never heard them before.

Thanks for your help, mate - much appreciated!

Thanks Dillon - haha, yeah - as much as I love Andy Summers’ stylings in The Police, I resisted the call of the Chorus this time!

Thanks Terry - You know, I was just noticing that the main riff guitar is on the same side as the hihat… hmm… maybe I should swap those guitars in the stereo image…

Haha, very funny. No, I’ll leave the ambitions to the kids…

Now there’s an idea!

Sounds dangerous - might run myself over!

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nice andrew i am liking it. The only thing is the high is panned right and prefer left panning. That is just personal preference, although i am curious as to if you always panned them this way why have i not noticed and why do you choose to do so?

Thanks Eric - I always pan things from audience perspective (assuming right handed drummer) - I always imagine myself watching the band on the stage. I guess that’s why I tend to pan drums a little narrower than many. … no real reason, just personal preference

Yeah interesting I always mix it from the drummers perspective which really makes no sense but I can’t help myself. I am a little surprised that i have never noticed before. Anyway good song. I am looking forward to this album.

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Huh - I never imagined drum panning was such a contentious issue! Every single mix I’ve ever posted has had drums panned from audience perspective, and this is the first time it has ever been mentioned!..

TBH, it doesn’t really bother me to hear drums panned the other way, just as long as they sound good! Mixing is a million different little decisions, and that’s just one of the many…don’t overthink it, make a choice & go for it, I say! :beerbanger:

This is really, really good Andrew. Stop screwing with it. Any nitpicking at this point is totally subjective. I just listened to this today, and even the bridge sounds natural to me now, whereas the first listen had me wondering a little about it as I listened. Get out the bubbly and christen the ship.

Thanks Bob! Yeah - I only made this one change - it only took me 10 minutes (literally)… The rest of my spare time I have been working on your mix (I promise)!

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Yeah it don’t matter really. Well i have not noticed that you pan it that way and i always enjoy your production so that proves that .

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Wow; another awesome sounding mix. So many cool parts. The middle break is really neat.

This is my first listen, but I guess I am not getting the guitar harmonic at 14 seconds on the intro…meant to be dissonant, I guess.

Great guitar sounds and playing once again. Drums sound killer. Loved it.

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I might have to do a “Purple Rain” style chorus cover of this mofo, the urge is that strong. It’s hard to be a tree in the desert. Is it a douglas-fir?

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Thanks Kevin - glad you liked it!.. Yeah, I always like to throw a little dissonance in the gumbo - it spices things up a bit!

The biggest challenge was that there are actually about 50 tracks of backing vocals that I had to submix into stereo stems to make manageable - it was been quite a task, but it ended up sounding something close to what I envisioned in my mind’s ear, so I’m pretty happy.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment!

…Well it is!..any kind - otherwise there’d be more of 'em, innit? :wink:

Pretty much flawless to me. Can’t imagine the amount to bgv’s you messed with. Most I have had is four. Oh wait, this isn’t about me. This song has much appeal. Hope the best for you on it


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Andrew, I think you can turn the oven off and take it out, ready to serve!

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