The Song - Wasteland by @Cristina

The Song - Wasteland by @Cristina


I’m only kidding of course. Welcome, Pete.


I think I can take it :slight_smile:

My pants are not fancy and I put them on like everybody else: slid on to my legs while being held gently in what feels like a near-weightless state by supermodels whilst more supermodels feed me grapes.


You’ll fit in here just fine. Lol


Yep! Box checked!


I can relate. Whenever I listen to songs by @holster backwards my balls start to levitate. It’s spooky, but similar to your o̶r̶g̶y̶ … ordeal.


The use of “whilst” (at least in the second instance) makes this completely classy!


I’m in Pittsburgh and traveling to Michigan tonight so I have a feeling I’ll have some levitating going on too, but for the wrong reasons. brrrrr


I just want to say: what a great song!!!

@Cristina @holster @ikmultimedia thanks a lot for this!!!

I will post my submission in a few minutes, not sure exactly how and where because the rules are unclear to me about that, but I hope I could repost my submission at the right place if I do wrong first. :slight_smile:

See you soon!


That depends, is this your final submission or do you just want feedback? Also, don’t forget to mention me next time. I’m Chief Admiral Dictator Diplomat for the website.


Really? Nice to meet you @CPF and I am sorry if I did not mention you, did not know. Thank you too then!

I was thinking I just could post once and I am ready to say this is my submission.

So could you help me with the how and where please?


I have little authority. But I do know you’ve got to post it here then.

If you post it in the wrong topic somehow I can move it for you. You may want to indicate it is the final mix in the title of the thread. Hit the blue plus in the bottom right corner of the screen to start a new topic.


Thank you @CPF
Here I go.


I will do this a few times a week on our Twitter feed.


I have had some interaction with Peter over at the IK Forum. Nice helpful guy.


Hello everyone. I’m new to IRD. Saw this contest posted somewhere so I thought I’d sign up. The rules say I have to be a Trust Level 1 Member with at least 10 post to be eligible for the contest and to vote. So I thought I better start posting. I have never mixed anything other than my own stuff. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of my mix which I will post at a later time. So again a big Hi to everyone and thanks for letting me be part of the group.


Great to have you here!! Looking forward to hearing your work! :beerbanger:


Thank you holster. Glad to be here.


I just bought a new pair of consumer-grade speakers for my computer, (Logitech Z623) since my old ones crapped out. Was testing them out on some cool songs… then I remembered that I knew I had too much bass in Wasteland and played the middle of the song. I laughed so hard. There is a ridiculous amount of bass in those kick drum hits. It’s like thunder. I’m not sure I hate it, but it’s not what I intended!! Haha.

The sub on these things actually sounds pretty nice and will provide a nice second system to test my mixes on. But holy cow what a funny moment. :smiley:


I noticed that too, I thought it was an artistic decision in order to emphasize the impact. It causes the floor to vibrate.


I am sure I do not hate it, even if that’s not what you intended.
I also think it sound very nice when controlled, and I hope I controlled.