The Song - Wasteland by @Cristina

The Song - Wasteland by @Cristina


the fun begins


So I wanted to ask the thoughts behind the mix on your final version of this track but see that you kinda addressed that here. My I ask what the meaning or story behind the song is. If I understand correctly the song was inspired by “Life is Strange” which is a video game of some sort which I’m sorry to say I know nothing about. Anything you like to share would be great.


Yeah it’s inspired by a video game. The game is mostly a story. The main character is a teenager whose father died (in a car crash) a couple of years back, and her best friend moved away around the same time. She used to be pretty happy, but ever since that happened she’s slowly become more angry and aggressive. Her mother is dating a real dick of a guy and he she doesn’t want him around. She misses how things used to be and doesn’t really know how where to go from here. In the game, she quickly develops an intense relationship with this beautiful, charismatic girl from her school. People read her character different ways, maybe based on life experience… but from my point of view she’s the type of girl that really sweeps you off your feet, but doesn’t have your best interests at heart and ends up leaving you crushed. They talk about running away together.

The song is from the main character’s point of view. It’s about how her basic trust in life was betrayed, and all she sees before her is a wasteland. The second verse talks about her grabbing at the first chance of happiness she’s come across, with the implication that it’s probably not going to work out. (This game is actually a prequel, so we already sort of know what’s going to happen and it’s very sad.)

Anyway that’s the gist of it. Hope it makes sense.


Thank you for sharing.
I also wanted to say that I saw your video on your 10 year progress. Wow!!!
I just want to again Thank You for letting all of us use “Wasteland” for this contest. After seeing your video and final listening to the original song I wanted to show my appreciation so I went over to iTunes and purchased “Wasteland”. I urge everyone taking part in this contest to do the same. We must support the artist and its a easy way to show your appreciation for the contribution she made to the contest.


So I’m guessing the game wasn’t Super Mario then :wink:


I don’t know, Super Mario can get pretty intense sometimes. I’m more of a Sonic guy.



I saw that another one of your songs was inspired by 13 Reasons Why. Do most of your song ideas come from external media?


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: And I appreciate your kindness as well!

I write songs “inspired by ____” because I’ve found there’s a built-in audience, and more chance of getting noticed. I’ve done a ton of songs inspired by Life is Strange in particular, and it’s fun being a part of that community. I genuinely love Life is Strange, and it’s enjoyable to do songs about it, but left to my own devices I always write songs about things I’m dealing with in life. I try to approach these “inspired by” songs in a way that feels genuine to me anyway, picking out things I can relate to and giving it my own perspective.

The way I look at it, it’s sort of a happy medium between selling out (by doing popular covers) and being completely ignored. With “inspired by” songs I can still release original music, but there’s an audience for it too. I hope to one day have enough fans that they’ll care about my regular tunes as well.


LazyE mega late to the party but have just downloaded the tracks and imported them into a session for later in week :+1:


Nice to know, thanks for sharing. I bought the game fairly recently but have not yet had a chance to play it. Everybody raves about it, though, and it was a steal so I hope to get to it soon.


Yeah I hope you like it! It’s definitely one of my favorites, and the prequel has been really fun as well.


CPF - There’s no slowing you down::crazy_face:


@Cristina :
i really loved your song, nothing more was needed. You are really open mind
when allow us to add some tracks to it.
Decided to play an E bass track, picked and muted not to fill the space. Just had to
put some accents to those heartbeat/kicks.
I tried to sing an octave down choruses.

Lovely song and voice !


I’m in should be an interesting song to mix.

Thanks to @Cristina @ikmultimedia and IRD for the contest.


thanks again for the opportunity, it was a pleasure to work on this great song. Very moving!


I have the 200 watt 2:1 Logitech Computer Speakers, and I use it to reference also, Does a really good job too…
Edit: Didn’t look at the date, oops lol