The Song - Wasteland by @Cristina

Special thanks to @Cristina for providing the song and tracks for this contest!!

Below is a video to get a sample of the song. Also, @Cristina has recently re-done the vocal tracks, so both will be available for download to use in the mix.

We’ll also have a bit of a twist to the rules on this mix contest, so be on the lookout :wink:


Can’t wait to mix it a thousand different ways. Will you be posting the multi-tracks later today? I was about to go for a walk with the headphones but I won’t if it’s mixing day.

We have to mix blindfolded and completely nude?!

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Oh, good. This will be an awesome song for a mixing contest.


Reminds me of something Aimee Mann would have done on the last 'Til Tuesday album, with a modern touch. I love that album “Everything’s Different Now”. That may sacrifice my credibility as the forum’s go to metalhead, but I’ll stand by it.

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I hope you guys have fun with the song, and I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with!


oh man i am excited about this.

I have the strong urge to mash this song up with Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” and The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”. “Why bother walking it’s… a kind of magic!” or “Why bother walking it’s only teenage wasteland!”

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A beautiful composition and arrangement… going to be hard to improve on this! :smile:


I’m going to take a shot at this knowing I won’t win. I’m more interested in constructive criticism. Also, I’m purposefully NOT going to listen to the video first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have a question though. What are the track’s rate & format (i.e. 48kHz/32 or 44.1kHz/16)?

I just took a look at one of the tracks and it’s at 44.1kHz and 24bit. So they should all be like that.

When you have a bit @Cristina, would you mind posting the chord chart and lyrics for those that might want to add more tracks? No worries if you don’t have time right now. :wink:

Here are the guitar tabs for the various sections of the song:

I know it’s not the same as a chord chart, but I don’t know the chords and just went by ear for the piano part.

And lyrics:

It left a hole in me and my identity leaked over the weeks
Should I be empty by now?
Should I be empty by now?

I was smiling the moment the train crashed
I never expected the moment I saw you last
So how can I trust in these tracks?
I don’t trust in these tracks, no

Why bother walking–it’s a wasteland
And misery–it clouds the sky
Why bother when it’s still a wasteland?
And misery still fills the sky

I know everybody lies, but I still hope she won’t lie to me
I think I’d rather lie to myself
Than be lonely

And with her fingers holding mine
Around the wheel as we dream about the drive
We’ll make it out of this place
And then we’ll come alive

Why bother walking–it’s a wasteland
And misery–it clouds the sky
Why bother when it’s still a wasteland?
And misery still fills the sky


Thanks! I think other DAWs automatically detect the correct rates and adjust the project accordingly but Cubase does not. lol

What he said! I am really looking forward to what all the talented folks are going to do with this song.

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hey @Cristina, I’ll write it for ya if you want…I’ll start working on it…now. I think I can get it posted tonight, unless you don’t want me to.

pm sent…

I bet this would be a bitchin’ reference track for this song.

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Dude! That song takes me back. Loved that whole album!

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We’re kindred spirits. Whole record sounds great. Hugh Padgham is a legend.

I figured it out, sorry for the confusion

I have deleted the other two posts. :slight_smile: