The Song - Wasteland by @Cristina

The Song - Wasteland by @Cristina


Thanks a lot for sharing that very nice song!


Right? Between @Cristina and @Emma, our ladies on this site are a powerhouse of talent! We are honored to have them around here. :beerbanger:


Bryan, are Cristina’s tabs and the lead sheet I wrote up for her somewhere they can be found easily if someone goes to this site to download the tracks for the mix?


Here they are!

Wasteland v1 11-17-17.pdf (80.4 KB)


? I’m confused…is this the page people go to download the track? If so, shouldn’t we pin/sticky this to the top of the contest page?

I don’t see a link to the multi-tracks.


It’s the thread titles “The Tracks” :wink:


Great song! Excited to watch the progress of this contest. Good luck everybody!


@ikmultimedia…Thank you SO much for helping sponsor this! We are truly grateful.



Why don’t you join in and blow us all out of the water by using the prize on your mix? That way, you can’t lose and only have to give it to yourself.


I was thinking of asking someone like Tom Lord-Alge who has worked with us with regard to T-RackS 5 to submit but I don’t think he can clear his schedule. :wink: He did create some great presets for it, though.

And to be serious, IK employees cannot compete so we’re happily giving the prize to the lucky winner. We don’t lose there, either, especially if the winner keeps sharing mixes and masters they do with T-RackS 5.



So are you the living manifestation of the company in the form of AI/Weird Science or someone in its tech department?


To answer that would violate my Prime Directive :wink:


Picard threw the Prime Directive out the window countless times in TNG, isn’t this one of those circumstances in which it would be advantageous of you to reveal your identity, Robo?


Wow!! That would be cool. I’m sure Cristina would be delighted to have him knock one out of the park for her!!

By the way, I spoke with Kelle recently…she did indeed describe Tom’s schedule as a ‘moving target’…I can only imagine how busy he must keep himself!


If I could beat TLA in a mixing contest I’d be validated before death.


I want to echo @Jonathan and welcome @ikmultimedia to the group! I hope you will stick around after the contest runs its course. Pretty great bunch here with a unique vibe and wide-ranging experience base. We’re very appreciative that you are willing to sponsor this contest and hope it’s the “start of a beautiful relationship” to quote Bogey…


I was just teasing, being a bit coy, of course. I’m Peter from IK, I spend a lot of time on audio forums for IK as well as performing a multitude of other tasks that I won’t prattle on about. As for some personal background, I studied Music Production & Engineering and Commercial Arranging years ago at Berklee College of Music in Boston and relocated some years after that and now reside in Pittsburgh, PA.


Yes, he is indeed a very busy man. I actually just ran into him at a show in Boston this past weekend (we work with him but I didn’t know he was going to be there). He definitely does have a busy schedule because apparently he didn’t know he’d be there until right before the show and he said he was carving out some time from a project - the details of which he did not share, unfortunately).

I did spread the word about the contest yesterday but I will definitely post about it some more to get more people interested. If the folks posting on social media could tag us (@ikmultimedia on Twitter and Instagram, we have a verified page on Facebook so that’s easy to tag too) I’ll see it and can like, share/repost/retweet/etc. Thanks!

I plan to hang around. Thank you for the warm welcome.


Glad to hear that! Hopefully our group’s somewhat warped sense of humor won’t be a put-off. :wink: We geek out pretty hard around here. :nerd_face: