Suggestion for a basic controller surface for REAPER?

Not sure what’s making me think of this, but I’m wondering if people have suggestions for a basic controller surface to help my mixing. Nothing fancy, but it sure is a pain to “ride the faders” using a mouse. Ugh.

Seems to me there was a comment recently even about how easy it would be to make a MIDI controller. I’m thinking mainly something with faders, mute/solo, transport controls, etc. I do not have a keyboard controller with those things built in, so it’s kind of a pain.

Just curious.

I’ve got the Nektar Panorama P1. It’s pretty good. I don’t really use it that much though. I don’t understand why people are so crazy for devices that sit on your desk and have screens on them. It’s so much more ergonomic to look at your actual monitor.

Anyway, my mini review is that the faders feel nice and I use them for writing automation sometimes. Same thing goes for the knobs for automating plugins. I also like the faders for balancing because it’s more tactile and I listen better. The transport controls are handy and just feel nicer than using keyboard shortcuts. I think I could make better use of it than I am currently.

Here’s a video I watched before I bought it. It explains a lot of the controls and integration. This one is the keyboard version, but the P1 has most of the same controls.

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I started a thread awhile back that may have some good info for you.

Also, Jonathan had pointed to this which is customize-able and cheaper.

Interesting at 6:15 he talks about using the Reaper “Plug-in pin connector” to choose “Merges with MIDI bus” which should allow you to layer several VSTi’s with the same MIDI input. I’ll have to try that!

I’ve got a Behringer BCF2000, which is a 8 chancel motorised controller. Love it. it’s as noisy as hell, but I can actually automate 4 or more channels live quite comfortably. I also have a Korg Nano Control 2 sitting on my desk, and I occasionally assign sliders to control various things in Logic. I do agree with you, I really hate adjusting things with my mouse, especially when it comes to automating levels.

I have one and love it, but believe that has been discontinued. Probably available used.

yeah, you can find them used, and for a reasonable price as well

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