Show me your home studio

Show me your home studio


This is somewhat close to my current basement “studio”. I opted for just a good sounding room and gave up on the separate control room. The floor is floated over concrete and it is true room inside of a room with 3 feet of space minimum from the external walls.
I built the whole thing by my lonesome in 2 weeks including demo of the “old studio” partition… back when I had vacation days…


Nice!! :ok_hand:


I need to get some proper shots of my new space… commenting as a reminder to myself :wink:


I have just rearranged the room so it is ready for pictures! There is a loft above the seating area for all the extra crap in life and, of course, the space is used to work out hence the pull up bar and rings. :slight_smile:


Eh @venuestudios (Kent), haven’t seen your room in a while, but looking at it again now it was a brilliant move to build your ceilings with that enormous clearance. Sooooo many studios suffer from lack of ceiling height.

I’d put a protective grill on that subwoofer. May not be an issue for you, but I’d be scared to death of accidentally kicking a hole in it!

Dude…Focals? Are those new?

And whats in your lunchbox??? :smiley:


those are Focals, CMS 65s. I have had them a while now. They do need a sub to get the extension down to 20Hz but other then that they make a good companion to the Yamaha NS-10s. The lunchbox has a pair of Great River Harrison 32 EQs, an Elysia Xpressor stereo compressor and an Inward Connection Brute stereo limiter. That is my 2 bus chain, comp/eq/limiter.

I really love the high ceilings. I get a nice open sound when tracking drums for instance. There is a bit of flutter I can sometimes hear in the room mics but usually repositioning them fixes it.


That is a fine looking space Kent! Very nicely laid out.

I’m noticing the chairs-- do you have an probs with rolling your chair over the edge of the rug beneath your workstation? My room is carpeted so a chair mat is a must, but I can see that’s not too viable in this configuration.

And where did you come by that armless stool/chair in front of the keys? I’d love to get a hold of something like that. I have just a cheap metal folding chair that I keep tucked away for when I am tracking instruments, can’t do it in my main office-style chair (arms aren’t removable or sufficiently retractable).


Finally took some better photos of my space, here we go…

These first three are using my phone’s panorama function, so there is some blurriness and choppy transitions as I slowly turned to capture them. Makes the space look MUCH bigger too, it’s only about 9x13 ft (2.75x4m). The last shot of just the work area gives a better sense of scale. But you can see the weird angling shapes of my ceiling, which is at least somewhat high. It’s 9 ft/2.75m at the walls and angles up to 12ft/3.65m at the flat top, more or less. But the ceiling fan smack in the middle of the flat bit makes it impossible to hang any treatment from the ceiling, so I make do with the GIK Acoustics bass traps & panels I have mounted just about everywhere else.

Would love to be able to have my instruments out handy like most of you do, but that’s just not an option, so they all live in the closet. And I need to hang something a little less ugly over the windows. That Falstaff thing is an old table cloth dating from at least the 1950s that belonged to my great-uncle Ted, whom I loved very dearly. :slight_smile:

Show me your home studio

I just took this today as I have had a bit of re-jig over the weekend, ripped out a false floor that we had in where the mix position was and re-patched everything in order with my OCD :wink:

I’m pretty jealous of all you lot that have windows/incredible views! Not a window in sight in here I’m afraid! All I’ve got is the tropical curtain on the front wall!


A fine looking space bb! Looks very comfy and conducive to music making. :smile:


sheesh. I have a hard time getting my room clean enough to take a picture of it.


looks really comfy! It has a warm inviting look to it.


How has the absorption worked out? I seem to remember you put some time into getting it right, right?


I’d just be looking at that amazing rack of gear anyway and spending hours drooling and playing with that lol


It has worked out great! I’m extremely happy with how it all turned out. I did spend some significant time working with the GIK guy to optimize the absorption for this weird-shaped space, and the time and $ for what I ended up buying were absolutely worth it. I’ve gotten lots of good comments on how good my mic’d recordings sound in this space, especially my acoustic instruments. Time and money extremely well spent.

In ten years, when we move away from here upon retirement, I’ll be able to take all these with me, because they either sit on the floor (for the two big bass traps) or hang on the walls like pictures, with hooks & wires. I will have to adapt to whatever room I have in the retirement house, but I am not concerned, I’m sure it’ll work out fine.


I have the Focal CMS Sub which goes with the Focal Solo 6BE , its really great!


This looks like a great space to produce and mix music. It sure could use a little daylight but then again, it wouldn’t have the same acoustic properties (or at a significant cost). I have DIY acoustic panels that look very much like yours. They are incredibly effective compared to standard, mid-range commercial products.


My current setup, but I’m moving house soon, so it will all change.


Yep, it’s a nice cozy place to work. I just need to take Vitamin E supplements when I get stuck into a project!

We’re just about to build the live room/booth next door, another room about the same size next door as isolated as we can make it from the current control room.

The panels work great, I’ve got the home made ones in conjunction with some GIK ones and the they definitely stand up/work as well. I’m currently battling with a few hi-bass, lo-mid issues though that I’m experimenting with speaker placement to try and solve…


the chair fits just right in front of the desk but if I snug up too far the arm rest hits the front, not so good as everything shakes (like the video monitor). The armless chair in front of the keyboard I think was from a local furniture shop. No sure of the brand but when I get home I will see if it has a label. It’s nice because it has hydraulics to adjust the height.