Show me your home studio

Show me your home studio


My wife assembled all the acoustic panels with denim insulation, wood studs, chicken wire, burlap, staples, and screws. They feel super solid once assembled. The cloud one is bracketed directly into the ceiling studs.


Looks awesome mate!
I’m so jealous of that amazing view you have!! I’d choose that over any size analog console any day!
It must be a real inspirational place to work. Especially at dawn, dusk , stary nights etc!
Your acoustic treatment looks great. Excellent work.

Here’ s my little room…


First of all, that’s awesome that your wife put all that together! She’s a rock star! :metal::sunglasses::metal:

I’ll be curious to know how well that cloud does over time. I’ve wanted to do one for a while, but I keep wondering about sagging/drooping over time.


Well hopefully it stays firm - the chicken wire is stretched tight to the frame and stapled on with a crap ton of staples so theoretically it should be fine for a long long time.

Looks great! I’ve found keeping several instruments out is huge, and you’ve got that nice stand with 5 instruments sitting there, seems great. I like the colors and stuff, looks good. Looks like you have two different speaker setups? How do you switch between?


cheers, yeah it works for me i just need to find more time to get in here!

yes i have two speaker setups and a sub too .
there is no direct switching between like say if i was using a dedicated speaker switch box or something advanced like a presonus centralstation.
i run the big speakers through my hifi which is connected to my interfaces line outs.
my genelecs and sub are the main daw output but if i want to use the loud speakers i just turn on my stereo amp to the input channel and they then sound too.
i could have rigged them up differently but i like to be able to use my hifi set up (200w sepakers on 100watt per chanel marantz amp) as a stand alone hifi but also run my d3200 through it for recording so i didnt want to have to fire my computer up and everyting just to jam/record/play music.
i like to not have to turn the screen on and just pick up an instrument or listen to music without getting sidetracked with computer stuff.

but yeah regardless of that i can still just swith between the outputs for mixing purposes if need be its easy enough , or i can have all 5 speakers on at once if i like! no need and probably terrible realy


i can record to daw or to d3200 , all my gear is routed through the d3200 which i either use stand alone or as a midi slave to cubase. although i tend to sync a lot of stuff with my mpc.
if i record something on my d3200 (i like the non glitchy 24bit recording it has and its pres dont seem too bad either) i just drag the files from it and usb them straight into cubase.
also i usb beats or drum patterns to and from the pc to mpc or d3200. its all midi`d up together so i get best of both worlds and maximum creativity.
i tend to track into my d3200 as i have no problems with latency that way at all.then just pop everything into cubase and add more stuff, tweak, synths,etc. i spend a lot of time just playing about to be honest lol


Great looking spaces!! :milky_way:


I love the look and feel of both of these spaces. Nicely done gents:)


I still cant get over the view m24p has!!!

Where do you live @m24p ?


In Lyons, Colorado, which is just north of Boulder.


I’m just looking at walls… But then again once you get hooked in a mix, who cares about surroundings :sunglasses:?
Must make some photo’s of my humble (cellar) abode to post soon. Nothing special but at least it keeps me from enjoying the local landscape, walking the dog, leading a normal healthy life :nerd:


Lol, Aef. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.


Wow, your studios look great. And m24p although you probably don’t think about it when you’re in the middle of mixing, it is certainly great to just have to turn your head in order to get a refreshing view and clear your mind!

Here’s my room, just an amateur home studio but I’m trying to have it nice and clean. Main issue is the size/shape of the room, which is basically a cube… The plan is to leave here for 2 more years maximum so I’ll wait until I’m back in my home country to try and arrange something more suitable acoustics wise.

homestudio sunsetvale by Jean-Marc Boulier, sur Flickr

homestudio sunsetvale-2


My current digs…


I’m exactly the same dude, dont let all my home built bass traps and lighting fool you, mines just an amateur set up in a small spare room in my house :slight_smile:


@ColdRoomStudio nice sized roomto be able to use.
Looks good.

Do you use your V drums much?
I’d love a set but have nowhere to put them.


This place looks great!
Good space and clean and tidy.
I could work well in there. Loving the nord! Awesome piece of kit!!


Yes, we use them quite a bit now. My previous space was on acreage, so noise was no issue. Now we live in a very quiet neighbourhood, so the Vdrums are great for recording atm. I generally use them as midi triggers for one of my VSTi drum sets, rather than using the built in sounds.

They come in really handy for “silent” band practices, which sound awesome using the Steinberg MR816CSX


Yeah i’d love a set to use with superior drummer. I use my mpc at moment but some midi drums would be awesome!


This was my “$59” studio as the monitors, interface and cans were each $59.99… then I got EZ Drummer 1 for $59 on sale. I ditched ableton and PT LT and got reaper for $60… close enough :slight_smile: