Show me your home studio

Does this thread already exist? I didn’t find one. Anyway I was reading through @Jonathan’s thread about his studio, which is more of a home turned into a studio than a home studio, haha, but I also noticed @feaker’s post with a picture of his set up, and it got me thinking that I’d love to see where you all work! Plus I just had my wife take a picture of me working on a song a few nights ago, so that I could someday look back and be grateful for whatever studio space I have. :smiley:

I haven’t lived in the same place for more than 2 years since I left for college. My set up right now literally looks kind of like this.

Then I go downstairs to actually do recordings in my sweet vocal booth. (Hey it sounds WAY better than it did in just the plain old room. And it was cheap.)

I used to have everything downstairs which was a lot easier, but I only have one computer and didn’t want to be downstairs all the time (it’s just unpleasant) when I was working, so I moved like half of my setup upstairs and am left with this painful hybrid. We’re moving soon.

And this is what my office/studio looked like at the condo we were renting before we moved here.

Ok your turn! :wink:


did you build that vocal booth or bought one? I have seen a few of those prebuilt and they do work decently well for recording dry vocals.
Are those moving blankets on them?

I built it, if you can’t already tell! :slight_smile: They are sound blankets. Bought a six pack from here:

I got the idea from seeing other people do similar things on YouTube. It deadens the space considerably. I did a comparison with some old vocals when I first set it up, and the difference in quality was awesome.


Neat idea! And best of all, it’s portable.

Here you go. My unfinished basement. It can get pretty cold down there so I dress warm and cozy up to the heater under the table. :grin:


Probably the easiest way to see my setup is to go to the video interview that @Paul999 did with me last year. Linky:

Advance to the 21 minute mark, and the following 7 min or so has me describing my setup with some video walking around the room, showing the treatment, workstation, guitar closet, etc. The downside is you have to listen to me prattle on… :wink:

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Great interview!

@Chordwainer Dave had some pictures of his…I can’t remember the thread though. Maybe if someone finds the last thread like this we can merge the older one into this one. Great thread topic though! Thanks @Cristina!

I moved my mixing rig into the lounge room under the air conditioner for the summer…

…it normally goes down the end here with my intruments and amps (which are all covered with dust sheets)…

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hehe nice yea, they are moving blankets, they work decently well on vocals

I am always on the move, my vocal booth is my car and a laptop!!

Here’s a link to my post in the Studio Pictures thread showing some still photos:
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Me in my vocal booth


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Didn’t realize you play the drums also, Christina…
Is that lowest keyboard resting on your legs?


Like the look of the basement, not so much the thermometer…


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My studio only looks good in bokeh! (had these images laying around)


I play the drums a little. Just learned this past year. And yep the keyboard is just resting on my lap. It’s less than ideal, haha.

Hey @holster, could we possibly merge these threads?

It’s usually cool to see pictures of other people’s studios. I just got my acoustic panels installed in mine and am trying a new layout.


Looking great!! Love the picturesque view outside too!
Out of curiousity, how did you end up doing the panel overhead?