Show me your home studio

Show me your home studio


Hey @venuestudios, didn’t you break up your space into separate tracking and mixing rooms?


I did but in the end the amount of tracking I do just did not justify setting the better of the two rooms (acoustically) aside for tracking that rarely happens. This has been a great room and sounds really wonderful.


Hey man! You came to mind the other day! Working on any new music?


How did the move end up going? Did you get set back up yet?


It’s all good here, mixing room set up, I also work with my friend to adapt his garage as a rehearsal place. Mixing all the time, I feel I progressed a lot. How are things in IRD? It’s been a while since I visited last time.

Any new contests coming?




Looking great! And yes, as a matter of fact, I’m working on building a contest right now. Just starting to coordinate some stuff for it. Good to see you on!


Those look like some pretty epic bass traps lol


I got a kick, snare and high-hat so I can drum, that’s fun.


Are you putting them to use lately? :slight_smile:


Ha wow it worked, I was so skeptical that merging threads was a thing! But very cool!


I forgot how much really cool stuff there was in that other thread!


Here’s the very first ‘studio’ I had when I was a kid. This is the oldest photo I could find…I had this setup from middle school through the end of high school. It was taken with one of those disposable cameras lol…then I took a picture of it with my cellphone.

When I was in college it kind of morphed into this…More of a place to sit around and program keyboards than a studio per se. Lexicon into a laptop. That was it. And man…those trusty little KRK rockets! Used them for years!!!

When I moved to Florence SC a church I was working for had an extra house they gave me to use for a studio. This was about the time I joined Recording Review. I used a lot of the money I had earned touring, gigging, and working for production companies to buy the gear to get started.

Then the church ran out of money and had to sell the house, so I mooched a free office off someone to let me set my stuff up in.

When I was finally able to pay rent, I moved out of the office I was squatting in, and moved into a studio building that had gone belly up financially. I struck an agreement with the owners to try and start rebuilding it. It was filthy and atrocious looking when I moved in. They were pretty desperate for a renter. I think they let me have 6 months free. It came with that iMac, the little Presonus board pictured, a small mic locker, and a Motif. I began fixing the place up!!

About a two years later, I had it about where I wanted it…

Then I lost almost everything in a fire.

So I collected the insurance money, bought a console, and lived in this temporary rental house for a year. It had gorgeous sounding 19x25 foot room 10 ft ceilings, and not too many parallel walls.

But it was only one room and the workflow was a nightmare. The electricity was bad and there was no conceivable way to set up a vocal booth. I was ready to buy a spot at that point. So I found the best deal on a house that I could and started renovating. And…that’s where I am now (in the other thread) :smiley:


I am digging this thread. There are some great ideas here for my bedroom studio! Thanks for starting the thread, @Cristina!


Point of order.
Most of these are not home recording studios - they are recording studios that happen to be located in home.



Starting to move into a different room. So this is the state of my recording studio at the moment. In a box. :frowning: