JonJon, finally arrived

Hi all. JonJon here. I had started an account here with the name JonJon but I simply never got an email conformation on that email addy so i used another account and I guess now im Jon-Jon lol

I hadnt posted on RR in several months anyway but I recently started posting again and saw the info for this site.

Essentially I dedicated 2016 to working hard on my singing voice. So now 2017 will be all about FINISHING songs and getting them ready for public ears.

So I will need a LOT of help because im still about a 2nd or 3rd grader when it comes to mixing lol.

See you all on the forums, peace, JJ


Welcome (back) JJ! This place is really humming - Glad you finally made it!

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Great to have you here! Make sure you check out the mixing contest too!
I’m looking forward to hearing some of your work throughout the year. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Welcome @Jon-Jon (formerly known as jonjon) Awesome you took the time out to get your voice where you want it. Stick around, participate in as many mix contest and dive into Bash this recording . Mix contest are a great practice, I think getting bashed is helpful, but you really start stretching your wings when you go out on that limb and start critiquing others’ work. Even if you feel inadequate , jump in , you will learn a ton!

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questions?? u wanna start at A or Z?

one idea/question I had. Did people at RR ever analyze pro songs? I know there is the whole bash the original recordings thing, which is great of course, but it seems like we could also learn a lot from brainstorming over some of the great sounds of the past.

for example. Seems us modern DAW types could pretty much easily get most sounds we hear on records from, say, '79-'89

I for one could really learn a lot from hearing more experienced mixers just give a basic rundown of what they hear on some pro stuff

for example a old song I only recently ran across. for a lot of mixers here this would be childs play…but none of my mixes sound this good yet lol

thanks, yeah, I feel my vox should be pretty strong right now…but I gotta get my mixes right or its pointless. oh well, i hear a lot of good mixes from the RR guys…so it cant be THAT freaking hard. Its a learning curve of course

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Welcome Jon-Jon! Good luck with all your projects this year. :sunglasses:

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Hey JJ - this would make a great thread - why don’t you start a new one asking this very question? It would be a great exercise in listening (as per this article I wrote:

in what forum though?

This one:

I mean which subforum lol. Bash? or recording,mix,production? or what?

The one that I linked - it’s called “Recording, Mixing and Producing” - that’s just a direct link to all the threads in that category. To get to it through the menu, just scroll up to the top of the landing “Community” page and select “All Categories” at the top LH corner under the Mix Off banner, then select “Recording, Mixing and Producing” and start a new topic.

ok, I see u stated which subforum lol. i am so used to ignoring pop ups that I thought that was an ad lol

You can also just click the little “hamburger” icon, right next to your avatar in the upper right of the screen, and that presents direct links to every category, plus Latest, New, Unread, Users, etc., all from one handy, accessible-from-anywhere spot. I find getting around this site to be really fast using that hamburger icon as my first click.

yeah, thats what im using

Hi JonJon,
Welcome! Great to see you here!!

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hopefully I wont be lazy and you’ll get to hear me as well as see me lol

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There seems to be some sort of musical energy around here these days… so feed and then record hehe… :slight_smile:

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Well one thing that probably helps a lot is that a decent % of posters actually POST MUSIC…as opposed to only armchair QB’ing.

I devoted most of 2016 to learning to sing so I hung on a singing forum. at first of course I was impressed by all the lingo being thrown around but then I noticed that hardly anyone posted actual singing examples. Essentially I found out that talk is cheap and most of them talked a lot better than they sang. To me that made for a crappy forum because it just got to be a lot of arguing more or less about terminology and singing PHILOSOPHIES (as opposed to actual singing)

People who post actual music tend to be a lot more realistic and at least somewhat down to Earth (at least for a musician lol)


Ahh yep, actions sure speak louder than words… [ironic grin]…
the bashing from RR was the real treasure for me. Am still so very grateful for the support and critique that I received… invaluable. A ‘singing forum’ sounds like something I’ve not come across before. It’s such a diverse craft that it sounds like an interesting concept but fraught with potential conflict? Ach well, aren’t most good things?? :smile: