How can I promote a new album?

How can I promote a new album?


I didn’t even read it. Read it for yourself.


You’re attempting to show that the market is dwindling. Nobody has denied that, but just because the current trend is for the market to decline doesn’t mean it doesn’t actually exist. $six billion. Is that small? 1.5 billion CDs sold. You still haven’t explained how you manage to interpret that as a “few people”. Why are you in denial about it? Why are you ignoring that fact?

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Go find it for yourself.
[/quote]I have, but that’s clearly not acceptable to you, because the facts get in the way of your opinion, right?[quote=“Greg_L, post:41, topic:1131”]
If you wanna disagree out of spite
[/quote]No, I ‘wanna disgree’ because you are WRONG. Stop playing the poor upset victim for fuck’s sake and grow up. My young grandsons throw fewer temper tantrums than you.


Guys for real, cant you just talk without the underlying negativity in your phrasing ? You can perfectly point out flaws or gaps in some one’s statement or reasoning without doing that. The last 15 posts or more are freaking annoying to read, all cause I read nothing but pride. Please drop it, cause this withholds a lot of people to interact. If you think you are right about something, doesn’t mean you need to be cocky about it. Sorry, but this had to get out of my chest.


Hi ya Greg,

As of yet, none of us have, as I’m yet to discuss all this with the lads. The merch table certainly needs more input, as we need to consider t-shirts, drink mats, key rings, etc. Curiously, our album is called Clichés, so it’s funny you used that word.

When I put this question up I didn’t expect this many replies, but I appreciate all of them and I have enjoyed reading everyone’s views. What’s your background mate?

Now that I won’t give up, as I really enjoy it! Thanks again for your response :grinning:


I’m not wrong though. You want me to be wrong because you think that makes you right. That’s your personality flaw, not mine.

The thing is, you really seem to fucking need this. You gotta defend your internet reputation. It’s important! So you can have it. You’re the fucking king of this tiny little corner of the internet. Congrats dude.


When I read the Community section on joining this site I stumbled across this paragraph or two…

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:
Ad hominem attacks.
Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
Knee-jerk contradiction.
Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

I’m not pointing the finger at any of you who have responded to my question…


@holster, @Paul999, @cptfiasco, @bozmillar, Admins…COME ON!!!



ok, children. Looks like someone actually has to step in. I don’t want to lock the thread because between the emotional one upping, there’s actually good content here. Let’s see what options we have here. This is my first run at fuehrer, so I have to see what options I have…

What's the Psychological Term for When Audio and Video Don't Match?

Heil Millar! :raised_hand: As The Plugin Prophet, you can issue a fatwa. :cop:


I hope this is on topic, or gets us back on topic. I like Graham at RecordingRevolution.

He talks about being - not just an artist - but a “brand”. I like what he says about content creation too … so true now (binge watching, etc). Probably some good ideas in here that seems to apply to what has been said in the thread so far, and the OP.

This is related to the previous video, and really good advice I think.


@Ailwyn, I was busy with a couple work projects. Stupid real-life. Ha!
I apologize that your thread turned into a mess. As you pointed out, there are far better ways to disagree on a forum of this nature.
Also, you posted this thread in the “beginner” category, which specifically has rules against this kind of behavior. Egos are to be left at the door if they are going to participate in beginner category threads. This didn’t happen and will be dealt with.
Your question was excellent and there are some great discussion points in the thread.
I appreciate that you didn’t bail as a result. Thanks for adding to the community. You rock @Ailwyn!! :metal:


Good stuff @Stan_Halen!! Thanks!


I suggest a plug in. Something that runs bad behaviour into a brick wall , or notches out the unpleasant frequencies while adding warmth to the thread.

Over to you.


Well hang on. They aren’t secrets. more than 35,000 people know about them.


Not much different than Wikileaks, eh? :wink:


Has anyone here tried Distro Kid. The hype is good but I’d love to hear real world experiences.


Just started with DistrtoKid 2 months ago. There’s a three month lag between release and any actual payout, so I have no data there so far. The cost is reasonable (read that CHEAP). Same distribution as ReverbNation was (my prior)(, but $10 per year for unlimited releases and not $10 per song or $50 per album (or EP).
AFA raging success stories, don’t count me in. I make about $10-15 a month from my two 5-song releases on ReverbNation (after an 8 month ramp up) and I’ve just about made back what I spent to release…My first DistroKid release was a single, but I’m planning to release a 12 song compilation in October.
Nice seeing your stuff on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify, though. Kind of a kick in the ego. Been trying to step up my game for this next release.


Yes, it did get out of hand… I work full time and can’t pop on here too often! I wasn’t even offended by @Greg_L 's queries, but a few kind of got in there before me! It certainly didn’t scare me off, and although I didn’t agree with all the responses I still have respect for all of them as fellow musicians etc. I’ve certainly got plenty of food for thought. Thank you to all of you again for your ideas…


So that comes back around to that initial question and dilemma about promoting material. Distrokid may be a convenient solution for getting material out in the appropriate channels, but I can’t imagine that they’ll be doing much in terms of actual promotion… especially considering the price they are offering. I’ll definitely be curious to see what kind of results you have over time! :slight_smile:


That distrokid thing looks kinda nice. Say, My studio gets operational, I own at least 2 bands, and maybe even looking for a 3de project, what formula would you suggest ? Its not for now, so I still got a year or so to think about stuff like this, but just currious. I would say the label acount with 5 band names. 80$/y I’d say, sell 10-15 “cheap” cd’s and you got it back. Or in singles, ± 80 songs. Should be more then doable I guess, especially with more then 1 project.

I also wonder how there promotion system is working. Cant imagine much promo, but I’m not sure if thats even there goal, as far as the info I see its just to make your distribution easier. Still a usefull thing in my eyes tough.