Free Vocal Thickener VST (for now)

Free Vocal Thickener VST (for now)


So out of curiosity do you like it? I always have, just curious if you think it’s shit.


OMG, disgusting …:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph:


Too bad you didn’t say milky, I mean silky. Then it would have been perfect.


No, I think it sounds good. And the fact that my version has almost identical controls without me ever looking at theirs speaks for the fact that I like the way it works too. I just don’t personally like the workflow of channel strip plugins. But that’s just a personal preference.


Kind of impressed you could come up with this in one night. You’re like plug in Santa.


He is. He’s also The Plugin Prophet, guaranteeing 77 versions (virgins) on the road to paradise, but finally one complete free VThick plugin for all to enjoy and use, to spread the great message, God willing.


I wonder if he’ll charge us indie people for the completed product given that we are like beta testers. I love you, Boz. For what that is worth.


Boz works in mysterious ways. :wink:


I said he was Santa, not the Lord. Though they’re both about as equally plausible to exist. I can see Boz, helps his credibility along.


I must consult Our Lady of the Holy Amplifier, she will know.


The hard work was done when I made Imperial Delay. This just required pulling the code from that and making some minor changes.


I understand, I was just throwing out a few ideas. Functions pretty damn well though.


Hey @bozmillar
Great plugin.
Ive been using it as a send or on a group so I can have the doubling effect slightly panned - would be good to have a pan control on it


I’m trying to think of the best way to do this to make it more controllable but not adding complexity.

Option 1: Width knob + Pan knob.

Option 2: Just 2 pan knobs, one for each voice. I can add a link button so that you can use them as a width knob as well the way it works in Panther. But then do I have to add separate volume controls for both? Or maybe just a mute button for each so you can do only 1 voice if you want.


ha ha Well i am old and tried to load it into studio one and it locked up. I have never tried to do anything like that before because i am incompetent and never will again. It sounded like such a good idea tho. ha ha


I’m testing in studio one right now. Did it crash in the scan or when you tried using the plugin?


hmm. It opened in studio one fine for me. What version are you using, and how did you try opening it?


Hi Boz I don’t know what i am doing and there isn’t any hope for that getting better. I have studio one two. I believe it is called professional. I downloaded it easily and when I tried to put it into the session it failed. By that I mean it starts opening studio one and then it stops at vst plugins and then stalls there. the only thing that got my studio one back to working again was to restore the computer back a couple of days. That is the only thing I know how to do. I screwed up something. Nothing to do with you I assure you:)


I’m on Studio One 3.5 Professional and it worked fine for me as well. I put the .DLL into “C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins”… I’m pretty sure it’s the same VST directory in v2 of Studio One. If it’s a manual install like this, I like to add a sub-folder for the vendor (i.e. “Boz Digital”) to keep the .DLLs organized better. SO seems to find them fine. So I actually put the .DLL into “C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\Boz Digital” in this case.


That’s okay feak, it could be a lot worse. You could be a Canadian like @Wicked. God would that suck.