Free Vocal Thickener VST (for now)

Free Vocal Thickener VST (for now)
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I don’t know. I guess anything really. This is the point where I usually just start using it. If I find myself using it a lot (which I know I will with this one) then I’ll usually discover new features that I want it to have as I’m using it. Once I have everything down to the point where I don’t feel like it’s missing anything, I’ll package it up and release it.

Plugins tend to stay in this proof of concept mode for a long time for me until I’m sure there’s nothing else it needs.


How about sidechaining? If I want the lead to get wider when the rhythm kicks in.


I’ve thought of doing that kind of thing, but it opens up a pretty nasty can of worms. You have to add attack, release and threshold settings for the sidechain, and do you set that up to the width, the wet level or the pitch? Then setting up the UI to make that even remotely usable for even 5% of users, it gets really hard really fast, and in the end, only about 2 people will even use the feature.


Well, if by two people you mean you and I, I think you are I are two pretty spectacular people. You could always release a higher functioning edition with the sidechaining for the more advanced user base. Or not, but I think you and I are worth it. Who knows? You do, you’re pretty good at this.

P.S. Worms are tasty. I’ll eat them for you.


I agree it would be cool.

However, Reaper has this functionality built in, and I almost never use it. You can route any audio track to automate any parameter based off the envelope. Lot’s of possibilities, but when it comes down to it, it’s almost easier just to use automation.


Do you have the plugin Ultrachannel by Eventide? Their micropitch is pretty cool, but has completely different settings. There’s one for size, width, depth, and mix. These are the settings I generally use for the micropitch. The rest of the plugin is set to default.


I do have it, but I guess I uninstalled it. I guess I could install it again and check it out, but that plugin is definitely not one I want to use as an example of a good UX.


No kidding, but it functions well.


I just finished trying the Boz Vocal Thickener.

Seems like it could work well on some songs. I like the simplicity. I’m sure I could get some use out of it.

I tried it on one of my hard rock songs that I’ve been having difficulty with getting my vocal to sit nicely in the mix. The Vocal Thickener helped a little but I’m still having problems with the vocals and guitar walking all over each other. Probably need to carve out a spot in both the EQ’s so that the vocal doesn’t fight with the guitar so much.

Seems to me that with analog doubling it was so easy attain a great, smooth, thick sound without getting the phase that I get when using a digital doubler. Maybe I’m just not dialing the proper settings with all the digital doublers that I’ve tried. The Vocal Thickener is pretty good though. I like it better than the CLA-Doubler. Thanks Boz!


Very cool! Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks Boz!


I don’t know of any analog doublers that exist. Even all the hardware doublers I know of are digital.


He’s talking about double tracking vocals. He’s very confused today. He forgot to take his maple meds, which compensate for the genetic shortcomings of being Canadian.


I wouldn’t think to use this as a way of getting vocals to pop out in a mix. That’s more of an EQ/Compression/arrangement issue. In fact, I think this kind of thing works best on pretty bare vocals. It seems to help vocals gel more. Almost like it blends in with everything else. But I don’t think it will help anything cut through.


I really like how you have separate Wet/Dry gains. I know it’s a prototype, but a link between them would be handy so the output gain remains at the same level while you twiddle with the mix. Love that feature on Manic.


You’re probably right. I just meant that manually doubling vocal tracks on tape, reel to reel, cassette, etc, (analog) seemed to sound so lush, smooth and big.


Biting my tongue, or something else?


I was thinking this plugin would probably work especially well on a ballad or something with a sparse arrangement.


You mean like Wasteland? You should enter the contest.


ok, I redownloaded the ultrachannel to test it out. Their “size” is the same thing as my pitch. Their width does the same thing as mine. And mix is mix. Their “depth” is the delay that I have hidden. Although their pitch shifting algorithm is different than mine, so they do sound different, especially at low depth/delay values.


I’m going to enter and put Boz’s Vocal Thickener on all the instruments as well as Christina’s voice. I’m ready to win!