Free Vocal Thickener VST (for now)

So this thread reminded me that I wanted to make a plugin that did this rather than pull up Imperial Delay every time I wanted this effect because I find myself using it on pretty much ever vocal track. So I made it last night.

Limitations of this prototype

  • VST2 64 for windows only
  • Looks ugly
  • No Preset Management
  • No user manual


Pitch: Two pitch shifters, one positive, one negative, shifting by the amount on the pitch knob. They are panned hard left and right.

Width: Lets you narrow the width of the pitch shifted sound

LPF/HPF: Filters the pitch shifted sound (not the dry)

Wet/Dry controls: Lets you independently adjust the wet and dry levels, or turn them off

it’s stable as far as I can tell, but obviously you should use at your own risk. You are welcome to try it out and give any feedback or feature requests.

Download link


What, no unit tests? :crazy_face:
Sounds great, just downloaded

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I should also add that if you dig through the parameters, there are a couple controls that I hid in the GUI. One is a “super wide” button. All it does is flip the polarity of one of the pitched tracks. 90% of the time it doesn’t really do anything interesting, but I left it in there just in case I can find a use for it.

The other is a “delay” control that adjusts the size of the pitch shifting buffer. By default, it’s set to 75 ms. Too short and the pitch shifting algorithm doesn’t work quite as well, too long and the delay becomes too noticeable. 75ms seemed like a good compromise, but you can adjust it if you want to and your DAW will let you.

I decided against delaying the dry signal to match with the pitch shifted sound because I thought it actually sounded better to keep the timing slightly offset. It prevented phasing when blended in with the dry signal and gave more separation. Also, it meant the plugin doesn’t have to deal with delay compensation, which has its own set of issues.


So does this mean that you’ll incorporate my likeness into the GUI of the payed plugin?


It’s functioning properly for me, I think it’s cool. One thing I’d like to see though is the frequencies for the HP and LP as well as the pitch cents adjustments listed around the knobs instead of on a bar at the bottom. At first I didn’t see them down there, I think it would be easier if we just had the adjustments listed around the knobs instead of at the bottom so everything is in one place.


Thanks! Very cool Boz! I’ll try it out in Reaper later today.

maybe one would use that to use automation to turn the effect off in certain parts of the song etc?

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A finished plugin would have markers on the knobs. I sort of have mixed feelings on the display of the exact value. Sometimes it’s annoying to look at it and not see the exact values of everything in one glance. But on the other hand, when the GUI gets more knobs (not like this one) putting space for each knob’s value gets really ugly really fast.

oh, duh. You’re right.

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If you were to compromise perhaps you could place each knob having its own values in that bottom line. Every value could always be displayed on the bottom line for wet/dry signal and HP/LP and pitch cents, and when you adjust the knob it changes on the bottom line? Am I articulating what I’m trying to say enough? You list the high pass frequency on the bottom line, then to the right of that the LP frequency, then to the right of that the pitch shift cent unit, etc…

Thanks Boz, it looks like a good thing to have, we’ll be reporting back I’m sure!

Every time I try to install the download I get this message > "You are attempting to open a file of type ‘System File’ (.dll) These files are used by the operating system and by various programs. Editing or modifying them could damage your system.

What’s going wrong here?

Usually I have no problem installing plugins.

Thanks Boz - looks fun! :beerbanger:

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its a dll just put in in your 64 plugin folder’

Thanks for the plugin will try.


It’s not an installer bud, it’s a dll. Just move it wherever Reaper scans for vst plugins.

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How old are you again? My one hundred seventy year old grandma seems to have more experience with windows. This is why you never trust the Canadians.

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Keep in mind that this is a prototype/proof of concept, and no thought whatsoever has gone into the look/feel. It’s just knobs with labels so you can see what they do.

When it comes time to actually turn it into a product, that’s when I start working on the UX side of it.

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I’m older than your grandma

She’s underground, so start managing your time better.

I think this is one of those times that holster is crying since we’re both posting in the same topic. I can almost hear the cocking of the gun, he’s had enough.

Hey, Boz. Anything in particular we should be listening for or testing for that could be problematic? Sounds great to me.

nice i slapped it on a song and it has a nice tone to it. controllable and effective. I like it.