Free Vocal Thickener VST (for now)

Free Vocal Thickener VST (for now)
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You know, it would be cool if in addition to this you made a comprehensive vocal plugin. A one stop shop for all your vocal needs, equipped with a compressor, a limiter, the delay, de-esser, the widener, but maybe I’m dreaming?


I’ve thought about doing that, but there are 2 issues.

  1. Nobody cares about what my favorite vocal chain is, so it would be a hard sell.

  2. I don’t have my vocal processing locked into such a workflow that I could do everything I need in a single plugin.

  3. I’d have to team up with someone with a bigger name. Then I’m sort of at the mercy of how good that person is about flaunting his name. It’s a game I don’t really enjoy playing all that much, even if it does work.


So how about “customize-able vocal chain” then? Like TDR’s Limiter No6, only it could be for vocals. Kind of like a Vocal Channel strip. You’ve already got most of the pieces, you could strip down the UIs and put 'em in a configurable container. That covers 1 and 2, forget about 3. Who wants another “signature plugin” anyway? Just Boz is good enough! :sunglasses:

Ha! I’m getting ahead of myself, but you could do a BEFORE-AFTER promo video. You could sing the before part, then have Cristina or someone sing the after. (Disclaimer: I have no idea if you can sing or not. No offense intended!)


The Sonnox VoxDoubler just hit the shelves:

Maybe some UI ideas there for ya Boz? I don’t get why it’s 2 plugins, one with stereo Width and the other with Stereo Spread. It seems a little redundant.

It’s odd how this comes out as Boz is obviously working on the same thing. Plugin devs must be on the same 432Hz wavelength or something. :wink: