FREE Plugin Resources

FREE Plugin Resources


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Blue Cat Audio:

Boz Digital:




Plugin Alliance:[]=free&sort=manufacturerZA

Sonic Anomaly:

Tokyo Dawn Labs:


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KVR’s Searchable PLugin Database:

FREE Plugin Blog:

Splice FREE Plugins:

==== ALL STAR individual plugins (not in bundles above) ====

Bass Professor II: (about halfway down the page, bears repeating from free bundle above)

TSE BOD (SansAmp emu):

LaGrange Delay:


Limiter No. 6:


Youlean Loudness Meter:

Some free (and good!) reverbs in this thread:

==== Plugin Discounters ==== (Tried and true)

You can get a discounted price, even on sale items, when you buy through the discounters. These are the main ones I use.


(use code: YNY23 in shopping cart)

Koby at EveryPlugin can even hook you up with Waves upgrades. I you own one or some of the plugins in a bundle that is on sale, email him and ask what the “upgrade” price is, just like on the “My Products” section on the Waves website. He can also do WUPs (if you’re in to that sort of thing. :wink: )


Plugin Boutique:


Help me build my plugin library


There we go! All you man!



This is excellent. I’m familiar with plugin boutique. Have gotten some stuff from them. Very pleased. Audiodeluxe has great prices. I’ll check on the upgrade thing.


I thought I’d stick this here - The Top 25 FREE VST Plugins of 2018

Boz made the list!


Right, not sure where they got their info for the description though …

Based on the legendary Pultec EQP-1A equalizer

I thought it was based on, you know …



I think because of the “Pultec” bump: (from Boz’s website)

The passive mode is … designed to work like a the simultaneous boost and attenuation of a famous passive EQ.


Ah, I see. I remember Boz doing a video talking about how that worked on the Pultec, but I thought that was unrelated to how BoD was designed. I thought that BoD came from the investigation that a well-known rather-pricey plugin (manufacturer) packaged a simple resonant high-pass filter in a fancy suit. :wink: Perhaps the Pultec story was better PR. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, I think I see what’s happening now, version 2 added that feature. It looks like it got named “Passive”, as opposed to the Classic mode which I think is the basic resonant high-pass filter. There’s also a Combo mode that presumably blends both.


Fantastic resources you got on this page, I will also recommend it contains over 70 free Vst plugins.

Check it out