Free Reverbs


Acon Digital Reverb Solo:

New convolution reverb added to the Free Melda bundle (I haven’t used this one yet.):


Thanks for the heads up! Not sure how I missed this!

They release subspace a couple of months ago (sounds great!), Reverb Solo is also good and has been out forever. I found it trolling around for free plugins a couple of years ago (I like this one a lot too, so easy to dial in a sound and add texture to another reverb or a snare, which is where I use it a lot because of its simplicity). I haven’t used the Melda one yet…

Interesting. From my quick tests, it’s a good reverb for colorless space. It won’t sound like a room, but it won’t be adding any nasty coloration or side effects either. And it’s simple to use. You will know within about 5 seconds if it’s the right reverb to use.

Which one, MConvolutionEZ?

oh, sorry. The Reverb Solo.

I grabbed the Melda one recently, and it’s quite nice. It’s low CPU, low latency convolution, and it makes it pretty easy to find impulses.

I feel like the major downfall of most impulse loaders is the fact that finding and loading impulses sucks. The melda one does a pretty good job of making them easy to find and organize.

Yes! Sitting on my Snare FX in my template. Super quick -n-easy for sure! :+1::+1:

hey guy thanks I downloaded and at least have it in my computer. I dragged it into studio one (big move for me) Can’t get it to work yet, but that’s ok …ya know…baby steps

Hey Paul, I don’t recall, but usually there’s an installer that you download and run which copies the files where it needs to. THEN, you would find it in Studio One and drag it onto your track or whatever. But first you need to install it.

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Ok I am heading for my winter home in texas in a few days and will have my 14 year old granddaughter figure it out …ha ha


There are a bunch of free analog reverbs as well.

  1. re-amp a spring verb from any guitar amp.
  2. Mic a pa speaker in a room
  3. Put a speaker in front of an acoustic guitar tuned to the chord of a song and mic the guitar as it resonates.
  4. trigger snare chains rattling with every drum like kick and toms.
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I got a pretty fun drum reverb using the 2-storey high foyer at my day job. It’s all exposed brick walls, so quite lively. Rocked up one Saturday afternoon with a PA system and a couple of mics, stuck them up on the 1st floor balcony with the speakers down on the ground floor and was genuinely surprised how much depth and extra size it added to the drum sound.

And, somehow, the resulting tracks took eq, compression and crunching up much better than any vst reverb I could have used to emulate that sound.


Another decent freeby Reverb is Oril River by Denis Tihanov. OSX and Windows. Download here.

Nice features, well organized. Decent gui and very, very low CPU hit. I’ve read a few reviews that claim it’s the best freeware reverb out there (whatever that means) and that it holds its own against most commercial products. IDK if that’s true or not, but it is well spoken of. I like it.

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It’s a Beta version. So you have had good experience with it, no problems?

None. it’s solid

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