EQuivocate - EQ Match Test

Continuing the discussion from EQuivocate, EQ Based on the Human Ear Mel Scale:

I just downloaded this and had a play with it. Here are a couple of samples to illustrate what it does with a track I recently mixed:

Here is the reference track I took as the EQ match source:

Here is my original mix, done just by ear, using the above track as a reference mix:

Here is a screenshot of how EQuivocate altered my mix via it’s EQ match facility:

Here is the result of the above EQ on my mix:

I did an experiment with another mix someone else did of the same song - to my ear, it had quite a few fairly obvious issues. Here is that mix:

Here is a screen shot of how EQuivocate altered the mix using my reference mix as the match:

…and here is the EQ’d mix:

Useful or not? What do you think?


Sounds pretty good to me. I’m not hearing a night and day difference described by the video between your two mixes. You definitely improved the other mix. I do like the EQuivocate better, sounds a little smoother to me, less digital. I’ll have to download it myself. Cool concept. What’s your opinion?

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Nice examples! I don’t know enough about the plugin yet, but it seems to do something useful.

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Those were EXCELLENT examples @ColdRoomStudio!! Thanks for posting this!

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To me, it did alter your by ear mix a little, sounds like the voice has a touch more weight to it, but it’s close. On the second mix, it was obvious that the eq suffered from a bad starting point, since it paled in comparison to both your by ear mix and the corrected mix.
In your case, I don’t think it would be all that helpful, since you already know how to get what you are looking for, and know how to dial that in. For me, I would use a song like Deacon Blues and see what it did to the mix, since the decisions would be very obvious on something I was working on.

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Cool - I thought it sounded better too. It looks like I was a bit too zealous in getting rid of low mid mud and boxiness in my original mix. Putting back some low mids gave it a less clinical sound.

I really like how easy it was to get results, and the results sounded pretty good too me. I’m not really a particular connoisseur of EQs, but this seems to be very smooth and natural sounding, even with pretty huge boosts.

I didn’t really explore it either - I didn’t watch any videos, and I only cracked the manual to work out how to do the EQ match thing. It does it via side-chaining btw (although the video probably shows that!), which was cool.

Cool, thanks Bryan!

Hey Bob - yeah, I started off using the other person’s mix of the song to see how it would respond to the Match EQ, but that was pretty obvious. Even though it improved the mix greatly, it didn’t fix some fundamental level issues, and source track eq problems. Then I thought “I wonder how it would change my mix?” The changes are more subtle, but still quite profound IMO… So I still think it is a very useful tool in both situations.

One thing I noticed was that this thing is GREEDY! It actually interrupts playback if I adjust it in real time, even with the highest latency setting on my fairly monster computer. Not sure if there are some settings I can tweak on it to stop that happening, but I’ll have to look into that later.

Glad you guys found this of interest.

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I just used this to nab the guitar sound from Dokken’s “Back for the Attack” given that I was using the a Marshall Plexi like George Lynch to record. It worked pretty well, might post samples.

Hey @Jon-Jon! I wonder if this plugin would help you with what you were trying to achieve with specific drum EQing? Referring to this thread…

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Cool - load it up!

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I agree! Let’s hear it!! :+1:

Reference track.

Without EQuivocate, there is no EQ on these guitars, just reverb and a stereo field enhancer.

The same FX chain as above only with EQuivocate.


who knows, I cant remember that far back

looks like it would be useful for basic ear training though…seeing why things sound a certain way

Check it out holst. We beat gearslutz!

could really come in handy if combined with all of the isolated tracks online nowadays

I agree. At least somewhat anyway. Obviously you wouldn’t have the same source to compare with, but it’s still useful and educational.

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Thanks for posting this CPF!! This is a great example. It’d be awesome to hear this in context, but I can totally hear how it made them similar. Good playing by the way :wink:

I wish that was me, that’s our very own user YoDudeRock. He’s intentionally overplaying. He’s usually pretty tasteful, an amazing player. I’ll have to ask him if I can post the full track.

@YoDudeRock! We need to hear more playing from you! :+1:

I recorded him warming up one time without his knowledge and decided to make it sound like an arena recording for fun. I sent it to him much later after he’d forgotten about it and he was inspired by himself. This should blow minds.

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Here’s YoDudeRock’s website.