Lets talk some pro drum sounds. VanHalen "PoundCake"

First and 2nd song are amazing sonically. Andy Johns production

To me this is the epitome of…something, lol. Great drum sound. Of course the whole band sounds great

What kind of EQ/compression/reverb etc are we talking about to get in this ballpark? Also what about the overall vibe of the whole song? What are ya’ll hearing??

I have numerous EZ Drummer 2 kits etc. Any ideas of where to start approximating this sound?


I realize its a whole band sound but its just a great warm sound, lots of warm bass guitar doesnt hurt

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Try throwing the intro for hot for teacher into your DAW use span or like that to see where your frequency’s are but it is his drums and mic choice as well but you could be able to get close with your vsti.

ill have to look up “span”…I assume its a freq/spectrum analyzer

yeah, I wouldnt mind getting in the ballpark of some of these great drum sounds…im not OCD enough to get them exact lol

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yeah span is a spectrum freq analyzer …http://www.voxengo.com/product/span/

you can adapt that to your drum samples and find the one that is closest to it and save the eq setting it will get you in the ball park and you just tweak as needed for the song your doing.

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Thank you!

It’s not going to be that easy to get the whole band sound. Lots of room mics. But I’m sure you understand that.
But since you are talking EZ Drummer. I may be able to point you in a direction.

I don’t know what expansion packs you have. But do some digging and find a preset that has the most separate items IN THE MIXER SECTION. Some preset kits have all toms to a stereo pair, just one kick mic and such. Try to find one with kick in, kick out and mono and stereo rooms. Don’t worry if the actual drums aren’t exactly right. You just want the mixer to have what you need and you can change the individual drums later.
So once you have the mixer up. Solo JUST the room mic(s) and work on them. See if you can get “beef” out of the rooms. Then bring the Kick Out track mic in so find a nice open kick sample. Do the same with the snare and so on. But the main point is to work on the rooms to get the bulk of the tone and blend in the drum mics just enough to get definition.
I haven’t tried to get this particular sound. But I’d be willing to bet that you can at least approximate it with ezdrummer.
I had a cheezy zep midi file. I just threw an ezdrummer vintage preset at it and cranked the rooms. It was surprisingly ok… :slight_smile:


To me this has been one of my all time favourite drum productions ever. His ride cymbal is crazy. At its core I am not a fan of Alex VanHalen’s drum sound at all. The room tone is what rocked this. An authentic room is what is going to sell this. My recommendation is to put your drum sounds through the best speakers you have in your best sounding room. Mic the room and record it. You may want to do cymbals on a second pass.

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hehe, great minds think alike because I was one step ahead of you with these exact ideas. (I was looking at the mixers this morning b4 work)

The ‘Metal Machine’ kit has Kick L, Kick R, Snare top, snare bottom, 5 different toms, Hi Hat, ride, OH, Amb, amb mono, reverb, and then the percussion stuff

Thats about as detailed as the EZ Drummer stuff gets…though some of them also have kick in and kick out. Most of them dont have a separate ride, most just get the ride thru the OH

Its kind of funny. So far I have mostly used the “easier” (dumbed down) mixers, but if you use the “original mix” you get the whole kit as they recorded it before they dumb it down with presets etc. So one of my favorite sounding kits is the “Camco” from the Seventies Rock EXP. it seems to have that bigger, rounder 70s vibe with good room sound. I only just now glanced at the “original mix” mixer on it and low and behold it has the obvious stuff but then it has OH, Amb MID, Amb FAR, Amb mono, and chamber. So that one might have the best possibilities for beefing up the room sound

Peace, JJ

You mean my cheap Sennheiser headphones? lol

Burn the drum sounds to CD, put it in your car and mic your garage. Take an iPod dock and mic the living room. What ever you have. Use it. If you only have headphones rent a powered speaker from a music store.

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Yup… I figured it would work one way or the other. I don’t have any metal specific EZXs. In fact I only have what came with EZD1 and 2 and then the Nashville EZX. So when I want more control over the individual elements, I call up one of the Nashville presets and pull in drums from the modern, rock or vintage kits as needed. I track my own live drums most of the time. But if I want something quick and dirty… or if I want something obscure or specialized, I’ll hit EZD first. I can always “play” the EZD sounds with my electronic kit if need be…
have fun

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[quote=“rjwillow, post:11, topic:558, full:true”] I can always “play” the EZD sounds with my electronic kit if need be…
have fun

the closest I have come to that is on the song 'homeward bound" where I made train sounds with my mouth and doubled them etc lol

here is a track with the Camcos. They have a real “thud” as opposed to a smack. The guitars drop out in the breakdown and u can hear the drums good.

They have a great sound but its a certain sound. Takes up a lot of space i suppose

Its crazy, i have soooooo many of these jams on my HD, I totally forget about them. i clicked on this one having no idea what it was. I vaguely remember it was from within the last 6 months. i wish I could cash in a dozen pieces for 1 whole lol

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Actually that is an interesting idea. I do have one empty room…and a bathroom lol

Yup… the camcos sound cool But to get to that VH sound you need way more room.
Especially the HiHat. The HiHat on the VH songs is pretty loud. But it’s more in the room than on your recording. If you can get into that mix, slam the rooms in EZD and turn down everything else but the kick out and snare top…

yeah, I was just showing what the Camcos sound like. i dont think they sound like Vh much. Alex has a very particular snare sound.

but i dont neccesarily want his snare sound, its just that huge warm room sound and nice hi hats

Yup… for alex, you need everything tuned up and open. When you record drums like tuned that for heavier rock stuff, the drum mics actually sound horrible by themselves. It scares engineers until the room mics get going… :slight_smile:

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One more thing that might be even more important in the drum sound… it’s the guitar sound.
There’s like nothing below 100Hz until one section of the solo and another short section of the clean part. And no one ever called eddie’s tone thin… There is also not much above 5-6K so I guess that’s why the cymbals can be so loud. Then there is also plenty of room for the Bass…

yeah, I understand what everyone is saying about context etc etc. it all has to fit together like a puzzle. Not EVERY drum sound works with EVERY guitar sound and EVERY bass sound.

Its like an EQ, you cant turn EVERYTHING up…because in essence you didnt turn ANYthing up

but even though im a lead guitarist, and now a singer, I still think drums are the key to a great band sound. So I have no problem with making everything else fit around some nice drums

the only thing that stops me is ignorance lol

[quote=“rjwillow, post:6, topic:558”]
I had a cheezy zep midi file. I just threw an ezdrummer vintage preset at it and cranked the rooms. It was surprisingly ok…[/quote]

This gave me an early morning chuckle. lol