Entangled, by Genesis 1976

Genesis, an English rock band, released “Trick of the Tail” album in 1976.
The second track from this album - “Entangled”.

“Entangled” originated from a piece by Steve Hackett that Tony Banks particularly liked and went on to write the chorus and closing synthesizer solo. Hackett also wrote the lyrics which Phil Collins thought had a Mary Poppins feel to them.

This song is dedicated to all music lovers of this world, peace and love to all peoples!!!


I was just recently watching a reunion interview with the band from a while back. Great cover!

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Hi holster.
This song is quite a challenge to record.
Lovely song, from a legendary band!!!
Thanks for your feedback!

I like all versions of the Genesis band.

This album was right in the middle of a huge transition for the band. Im sure still trying to get it all covered and leave no gaps.

You did awesome here Rene!

Thinking about the guitar players in this band during this album…
Yup, you did good young man!

Your recording style, audio and video seems to be the envy of a lot of musicians looking to put together their own efficient recording rig.

We can help them Rene!

Thanks for posting.

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Hi Chris,
Love your comments here, my friend!!!
This song is definitely a beautiful piece of genius!
I am so happy to get to my current recording set-up, and thanks for your assistance Chris!
If anybody out there wants some honest to goodness simple and efficient recording set-up, we can definitely help. Chris is a very good audio engineer.
I also have played around with vocal and guitar recording equipment testing and “re-inventing” and I currently have settled to a very affordable and nice-sounding, end even aesthetically sound recording set-up. Most probably, I just got lucky, but my luck and a lot of past experimentation, is readily available. Additionally, my recording set-up with no visible microphones, are much loved, thanks to Chris aka studio!!!
Thanks again “studio”!!!

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Hi Rene, beautiful work. On principle I cannot “bash” this song :slight_smile:
A lot of your songs, lone wolf with a guitar, don’t really need any bashing.
Your channel (and you) have some serious viral growth potential in the world of live streaming.
You have a wonderful backdrop of your studio and a crazy good voice. May I ask what the “core” of the plan is? growth of your studio? or your songs? or improving your videos?

fyi love listening to your stuff, I am hooked.

A. Get a good camera
B. Get some good lighting
C. Keep making music!


Good points all @FluteCafe , of course what we were hoping for was a review of this one:

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sure thing. Done :)…
Great work guys!

Hi FluteCafe,
I have always been a music lover and guitar lover.
Thank you for asking as I really do not have a solid plan.
I started almost 3 years ago, with the creation of my YouTube Channel, as pushed by my daughter, as a retirement “thing” to do.
I have built a number of cover and original song, to include acoustic guitar music, approx 220 recordings to date.
My focus is to compose original songs to build my originals library, and also to hone my songwriting skill (to include lyricism).
About 2 months ago, I joined Distrokid, and started uploading original songs available for purchase online, I have about 8 songs available for online purchase in different online sellers at this time.
I have zero sales at this time.
Here is my personal “core plan”:

  1. Keep building originals library
  2. Get better in songwriting and lyrics writing
  3. Build an artist profile, “acoustic singer songwriter”, with a portfolio of original music compositions.
  4. Write songs for individuals, a custom-made song for any occasion, for a flat fee. “This would be ready for execution by 1JAN2024.”
    By 1JAN2024, I will have about 75 original songs published in YouTube, currently at 39 original compositions.
  5. At the same token, I will try to sell my artist profile to possible organizations that will hire songwriters and lyricists for their projects.

Initially, my focus of was pure fun and for the love of music.
Items 4 and 5, are just a product of financial and professional achievements.
Items 4 and 5, are simply dreams, and will never impact my original focus of making music, covers and originals, and sharing with peoples.
And I will always refer my musical projects as “pure fun and for the love of music”.
If you have ideas, on how to execute Items 4 and 5, they would be much appreciated.

And more importantly, our forum members would have an idea on their own paths in music making.

Thank you in advance, and thank you for asking.
I am convinced that I need to improve my camera equipment and lighting, as I am using my iMac camera at this time.

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That is sweet :slight_smile: she did a good thing! The world needs more songs and singers like you.

I take it that you are coming out of retirement :stuck_out_tongue: then
number 4… I am clueless. Though it resonates to be in the realm of commercial advertising and jingle writing. I have seen some musicians find success for those goals through Fiverr. Though I am not sure what the status is today. Social media is a changing landscape.

number 5 was an eye opening realization for me when I had the chance to see how commercial singers and songmakers operate today. I was working with one of the Tseries singers and producers.

Their inboxes and social are literally flooded with “please sing my song” requests. To an extent that sometimes if they feel like making a song (which is rare as is), they play raffle with their inboxes and pick a few songs blind. Not to mention the heavy usage of A.I. So it is very hard to stand out there. But there is no harm in trying that approach and see if you do get picked. I would also recommend joining nationally and internationally recognized songwriting competitions like John Lennon and ISC. They are quite helpful overall if you do make the cut. No harm in trying.

I would add a number 6 to the list.
Take a look into live streaming (Assuming your youtube account can livestream). There are many other platforms as well. The kind of style you play (classic, crooning, serenade-ish) has a huge fanbase in live streaming. I see that music flows through you and you can sing one-takes relatively easily.

See if you can setup your studio for livestreaming. Think ambient and key lights, good camera and good live sound.

It could take several months to gain some traction, but if you arent rushing anyway, there is no harm in trying.
Good luck!

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Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the reply, and this is very helpful.
I will continue to “create”, with the focus of getting better with songwriting and lyricism.
I will surely check-out the live-streaming.
I did try “Sessions Live” for about 4 months (only about once a week, and it is only for 15 minutes), and then I got sidetracked, and took a break from it. I have not done the live-stream 15-minute shows for about 3 months now.
Aside from what I know, “Sessions Live”, what other places can I go to and do the “livestream shows”.
What is “key lights”.
Can you give me an example of ambient?
I will surely work on a good camera and suitable lighting for my space.
Is my current backdraft/studio background too messy? Or is this setting ok?

Again, I will always refer back to

  • have fun
  • for the love of music
  • these are my guiding posts, which will keep me ground, and help me maintain my balance in my current “life”, which “life” has a lot of different pushes and pulls. Family is a big part of this “life” balance that needed to be in a good state of equilibrium. I also have a very healthy dose of “catholic church music” that keep me and my wife pretty occupied, and which I have a feeling that this next year would even be a bit more “church music” activity. Plus I am providing some civic music work as I am playing live music for your local Senior Center, and also a guitar teacher for “Guitars4Vets”.
    Such is “life”. And I am making sure that music is in it!!!

Lots of competing priorities, but we can juggle, and live “life” to the fullest.
Thank you Michelle.
You are an inspiration, and a good “pathfinder”!
I am not in a rush, and things happen for reasons, plus “if you build it, they will come”

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I had compiled some of my findings and experience in this thread

I like working with mirrorless dslr cameras these days.

The studio background is bit busy but with the right camera depth of field setting (background softening) and lighting it will be fine.

Key light is soft light that lights you up. Ambient light is a dim light behind you in the distance that lights up your studio. A simple good old technique from the classic movie making days :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!
Now I gotta get these homework studied and accomplished.
Surely improvements, and I believe.

Do you know “Live Stream” destinations I can start investigating?
And are you familiar with Sessions Live, and is this a good place to hang out as well?

Thanks again Michelle.

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sessions live is pretty good yes. I think it auto posts videos to YouTube as well. Twitch, youtube and facebook also have streaming. Pretty much all of them have streaming. Monetization is easier with Youtube and Sessions live, but a fanbase can be built relatively quicker with Twitch. You might need to experiment with it to see where you feel comfortable.

Thing with streaming is to have a very smooth plug and play setup.
Have a hot mic and camera ready to roll. Flip a switch for lights and go…or it starts to become a chore.

I think you are pretty much there. You have the sound, just need lights, camera and action :slight_smile:

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Thanks Michelle!!!