The Sea Song, A Collab Project by ingolee, steban, ReneAsologuitar

The Sea Song is a Collaboration Project.
This song is by ingolee and steban of Indie Recording Depot.
They asked me to collaborate with them, and see what I can come up with, on their musical composition. I told them that they might not be able to recognize their song after I am done with it, and they trusted me - Yeayyyy!!!
I love the intimacy of this song, and peaceful vibe it brings.

Thank you steban and ingolee for asking me to sing your composition!!!
And thank you for your trust and confidence, and patience, most especially for your generosity and graciousness.
I am so honored and proud to be a part of this song journey
Loved it!!!

The Sea Song, A Collaboration Project by Steve Bancroft, Ingo Lee, Rene Abadesco

When I see the sea
My heart skips a beat
The world has stopped for me
I feel so complete
I want to go down there
Smell the salty air
And maybe I suppose
Feel the sand between my toes

Checking out the beach set
Wanting to get wet
Wishing I was younger
And a little stronger
Got UV protection
That’s my solution
Frolic in the ocean
if you get the notion

The sea’s a melody
And now it sings to me
No place I’d rather be
I’m happy on the sea
Sometimes the water’s warm
Or cool as winter rain
But once you’re finally in
The wind is like a friend

Won’t you come with me
Swimming in the sea
But if you’d rather not
You can sit and watch

BRIDGE I’ll sail away

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All I can say is “Wow!” Beautiful song gents - wonderful collaboration with spectacular results!


HI Andrew,
What a huge compliment!
Your comments are much loved.
steban and ingolee did a super magnificent work on this song!
I am so honored and proud to be a part of this song journey!
I also want to thank Steve and Ingo for their graciousness and generosity to allow me to mess with their creation a bit, and giving me the space to express my feeling on their work.
Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart!
And, thank you Andrew!!!

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Wonderful collaboration. This is the Indie Recording Depot at its best.


Hi JayGee,
You are awesome!!!
“IRD at its best” - holster would be ecstatic!!!
Thank you so m much for these lovely comments.
Blessings be to steban and ingolee, for this collab project!

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Thank you @ColdRoomStudio and @JayGee for the encouragement. We have learned a lot from you and others here at IRD and met some great people as well.

@ReneAsologuitar and @steban have done great work here and I know they both have learned a lot from and appreciate IRD as well.

I was just curious Rene, you have always posted videos here but I saw on another post that you have signed with DistroKid and are posting audio files on that. Are you separating the audio from your videos? Can you talk about that, how do you do that and what audio format do you end up with?

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Hi ingolee,
This is a very good question Ingo!!! Thank you for asking.
This is an education for me, with my venture with Distrokid.
And I want too share this experience and “expertise” with all our forum members as well.

I record my videos using QuickTime Player.
In QuickTime Player, I then, save this video file as audio only, and it is being saved as m4a format.

Then, I go to Distrokid, and upload this audio file (m4a), and it is that easy.
Distrokid also has an automatic process that improves my audio quality as well, for free!

If you, or anybody is interested in Distrokid, pls let me know, and sign up using my membership.
This way, you save money, and I also earn from your subscription.


As an update:
I just uploaded this song to Distrokid, as m4a audio format, and Distrokid already acknowledge my submission and approved of all my correct data and files, to include the lyrics I submitted.
Distrokid takes about a week for my music to show up in Spotify and other digital music outlets.
Check out my music available for purchase now.
Here is my link for Distrokid Referral Program.

Just :grinning:
Couldn’t help but smile. Thanks.

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I’m impressed with what Distrokid is doing for you, Rene. I will probably do this in September after payday!

And thanks, everyone, for the kind comments! If anybody ever considers collaborating with anyone, this is a great reason why- you might get a beautiful song in return.

And thanks to IRD for encouraging this and making it more than possible. It doesn’t matter what part you do, for many of us indies, this is closest to being in a band we ever will get, and for some here maybe like being back in a band again without any baggage. I barely remember what ‘When I See the Sea’, my original song, sounded like before Ingo transformed it into ‘The Sea Song’, and now Rene has made that shine with what must be akin to magic, and I am certainly the one who is blest!


Hi skua,
This song does that.
My smile is so huge, I am so happy!!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful cheers!!!
Warm regards,

Hi steban,

For me, if you keep it to the bare minimum, Distrokid is a really good deal.
The expenses jumps from the basic “all-original-composition” uploads, and can be pricey if you try to get on the other things that Distrokid offers.

I will second, Steve, in sending thanks and appreciation to Indie Recording Depot for creating a place for Indies to “Collaborate” and create together. With the current leadership, I expect IRD’s awakening and membership to grow and expand.

Lastly, I am also very blest to be a part of this journey. As we do these kinds of projects, we grow, and we gain experience and musical path of our own as well.

People on the sidelines, and not getting actively involved, jump in and have fun!!!
All are welcome in IRD!!!

Thank you.

You guys should be. I am slowly checking out all the stuff I missed. Great work you guys @ingolee @steban @ReneAsologuitar
I am getting the vibe that these are Steve’s lyrics?
Also who mixed this track in general? Vocal treatments are pretty good. :+1:

Since a bash was requested…Ill need to dig and nitpick
The hook could use a bit of love. “Ill sail away” seems a bit underwhelming when it should rain from the heavens. The vocals are getting drowned and thinned out in the hook. Could likely use some upwards compression or riding.
Though considering this was live and 1 take? it is fabulous as is. :beerbanger:


Thanks for listening and reviewing this @FluteCafe , your opinions are important to us. Steve Bancroft wrote the lyrics, Ingo wrote the music and Rene arranged, performed and recorded this song.

You should listen to my favorite Steve Bancroft song then.

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Very nice song, and the band is super chill.
I like the 2005 version, and did not dig the sudden and immense change in volume on the chorus.
The lyrics are well written, and the melody and beat is so catchy and easy on the ear.
Love this composition. Well done, Steve!!!
Thanks for the listen, Ingo!

Do you have perfect pitch? How do you learn the guitar parts so fast? Keep up the UV protection! I’ve had skin cancer surgery on my nose twice over the last ~20 years: not fun. The song itself is very nice. And per usual, your singing and guitar playing are excellent! :slight_smile:

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Hi Aaron,
I have been playing the guitar for about 43 years now, and mostly accompanying my singing and also accompanying other people as well.
My ear has been training on natural chord progressions.
About 10 years, ago I enrolled for guitar lessons in Bremerton, WA, and I was taught the fundamentals of music, and also sight reading and finger style guitar.
I do not have perfect pitch, and some of my recordings take a few re-takes to get to an acceptable recording.
Thanks for the feedback, Aaron.
Always great to talk to you!!!

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I wrote the original lyrics, Michelle, but Ingo deserves a lot of credit fitting them to his melody.

Now Ingo did write this part! :woozy_face: Still, much better than no bridge at all.

I was flabbergasted by Rene’s performance and recording. Not everything is perfect, but it is 100% authentic and heartfelt, and he could easily pass for perfect pitch.

It paid off, my friend!

As a mention, Michelle, I recorded a version with clarinet (midi) and brushes, which is unofficial and no video, but I might as well share with you. It is a challenge to add midi to real time performances, but I think it came across OK even though I’m no clarinestist(?) much less drummer.

I did not know that!


Hi steban,
I always get a bit sentimental, hearing your addition of drums and clarinet.
Love this version.
You are much appreciated.

@FluteCafe was commenting on the recording technique here I believe. She goes on to say:

“Could likely use some upwards compression or riding.”

When I wrote the part I was thinking of an instrumental or vocal layering thing but @ReneAsologuitar doesn’t do overdubs. Instead he repeated the lyric which works fine I think.

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Hi Ingo,
This song has really grown on me, and I love this composition.
I am just so elated to be a part of this journey!!!
Stay well, my friend!!!

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