No Peace in La Paz 2020 remix

No Peace in La Paz 2020 remix

So there was this band, Charas, from the 90s who are a total unknown but are extremely talented, and the singer/guitarist is my friend from GarageBand days. Anyway, I visited him in England in 2005 and sent him a demo song I had written shortly after I got back. This is what they did with it.

2005 Version-

It is in my opinion my best song ever, largely because I wrote the words and basic tune only and left the rest to them. So much to my surprise, I received a new mix this week, adding a real bass, some more guitar, and a lot more processing. To my ears, having grown attached to the original for so long, I was at first a little bit prejudiced against the changes, but the more I listened the more I liked the new one.

2020 Version-

Now I am feeling like I have two extremely good versions, the new one not so much replacing the old as supplementing it. I think people in general might find one to be more their cup of tea than the other, and since this is the place to get bashed, especially for production, I am intrigued as to how you guys react to them.

If I were rich, I’d hire them to be my band on all my songs!

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Very interesting to see the same song from two points of view.
I’d prefer the second one where the mix sounds more under control and then let more room to the lead vocal (which is the main goal to me).
Whereas the old mix has more character more movements.
At the end, which is better is a matter of taste and what it supposes to fill (personnal taste? reaching audience? radio ready?..)

By the way, very nice song to me and despite the differences, I really enjoyed both versions.

Nice song @steban! I liked both versions, but prefer the second. Great idea to just let a good band take your song and make their own interpretation of it. You have to let go of your baby and see were it goes… Maybe I should try that too :thinking:
Can’t say much about the recording, just listening to laptop speakers now.

I guess I’ve been out of my own loop for 2 weeks, but thanks for listening! I am leaning now more to the new version as well, but 15 years got me used to the original.

If you do get the chance to let someone else record your song, it can be quite a remarkable thing if you are lucky. Some days I feel like the songs of a lot of indie unsigned home recording loner types could benefit occasionally significantly from more collaboration, but it isn’t particularly natural for us to seek it.

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