Worst band in the world compilation

Worst band in the world compilation
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I finally stumbled upon this, and have 3 questions:

  1. Why?
  2. Why double the voice for twice the dissonance, meaning that instead of just copying it, the poor engineer had to hear it
    at least twice, if not more?
  3. Why make it last 5:10?


Here are some pros, I love this band and album to death for the most part, but whoever told Chuck Mosley he could sing was obviously tone deaf. Great band, horrible singing. In the other songs he could fake his way through it, but in this one it is just sad. I’m in awe at how a major label released something so off key. Patton saved them. Mosley came into town with his solo band one time and asked a dude I knew to give him a ride and then to crash at his place because he was so drunk. Enter Mike.


I know, crazy. Can’t help thinking that Chuck was just part of the gang and therefore got the gig so to speak.

Pretty extreme makeover as Mike can/could properly sing - better than most of his contemporaries


Courtney Love was the singer before him. Thank god they never made an album together.


Nothing I love more than a sexy old rocker chick! :heart_eyes:


Jan Terri’s "Skyrockets"
Should be renamed “Sky Wockets”.


I love Faith No More!..I mean, a lot of their stuff is great, not everything.

Wasn’t able to play the track you posted. It said “This video is not available”.


It’s the song “Spirit”. Maybe you can’t view it in Canada?


Usually it will say “This song can not be play in your country” when that’s the case. But this time it just said “This song cannot be played”. I don’t know why the wording is different, but like you said, that is probably the reason. What the hell is wrong with Canada?! Grrrrrrrr!


Try this one.


She was/ is as bad or worse than the first FNM singer. She would have been awful!


I hear what you mean about his singing. Sounds like a punk rock vocalist. I wonder if he was naturally that bad, or was he intentionally trying to be anti-80’s, like some of the late 80’s, early 90’s bands were trying to be. That kind of punk attitude was creeping into hard rock/ metal around that time. Cobain did some pretty rough vocal tracks on some of the Nirvana albums…Although he wasn’t technically a very good singer, I liked how his voice sounded on some of their songs. He had a cool raspy voice when he wanted to. Technically weak, but interesting.


He wrote cool lyrics, but he was a pathetic drunk. I’ve had some friends who’ve had personal encounters with him needing a ride after a show he had opening for a friend’s band in a bar. Then he wanted to stay at this person’s place for the night. His voice was cool on some songs, like Anne’s Song, this is just one example it didn’t work.