Worst band in the world compilation

Worst band in the world compilation
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There is. Lol.
It’s to the left of the like button. It looks like an emoji, but you can pick the :poop:Emoji. That works. :slight_smile:


I’m having a hard time believing that this one is real. I guess the fact that the production of everything, including the video isn’t bedroom quality, but the vocal recording not only sounds exaggeratedly bad, but it sounds like it was recorded on a phone in the bathroom. I just assumed it was one of those voiceover videos, like this one.


That was hilarious.

We all remember this one. It WAS exaggeratedly bad. You can pull off a lot of shit and get paid for it, but this one was a career breaker. I could feel bad for the industry capitalizing on Ashlee’s denial of how substandard her singing really was, but end of the day, the people who sponsored acts like this did this to themselves. I can’t say I feel bad for either.


I’m a bit disappointed. Thought it was going to be about Spin Doctors.


Actually, he has other songs believe it or not. That really is how he sounds. Now whether or not he’s dilieratly singing off key is unknown. He could be intentionally bad just for the sake of getting all these views. If so, it’s brilliant. Lol


It really is brilliant. I wish I had the motivation to follow through with even one of my stupid ideas.


I don’t see it that way, in fact I see it, to use this analogy, as if I were giving more drugs to the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully agreed that parents should take a very active role in their kids’ education, but in tandem and coordination with a real school. Teaching children is not an innate skill, and most parents have no idea how to get across complicated information in a pedagogically effective way-- even if they knew the stuff themselves. Couple that with the fact that the vast majority of these parents don’t know any of it, and you end up with doing these kids a major disservice, assuming one believes (as I do) that being educated in science and critical thinking is an important skill.

This invite comes from an annual meeting of home-school families and it sure seems to me like this lets them “check the box” that they’ve given their kids some science education. In a 45 minute talk, how much can I actually get across, especially since they lack the classroom underpinnings that most kids do?

Probably best left to some other thread rather than derail this one…


I would love to. Not as an argument, but because it’s a topic that I’ve changed my view on completely over the past couple of years, and I find it interesting to talk about.


This should get the Nobel Prize… I am in awe…


Wow, that too-white-even-for-me family have their own website with several more videos.
Pure gold…


This must surely be a joke !! As in they are challenged to sing as bad as they can…


Anyway, I prefer the Shaggs anyway,


Wow, that’s some intricate time shifting going on. And a strategic positioning of the snare drum in the photo, lest I lose my lunch.


What about Jan Terri? This is one of my favorite videos. It’s a shame someone else uploaded the video and got all the plays.


Ewww. yuck. It’s a shame someone else uploaded the video PERIOD.


Maybe we should have a video/mixing contest for best cover of that one. :scream:


Saved by the snare,


Not a bad idea… then we could be randomly assigned "style"
In the style of… Sex Pistols, Dylan, Kizz or whatever…


Apparently Jan Terri is from the USA… my guess was Transylvania.
Oh well,


mic drop