Worst band in the world compilation

Worst band in the world compilation
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It is scary to think even some of these people are serious. I was watching Stewart Copeland being interviewed last night. He said anyone can be a musician, just pick up an instrument and make some sound with it and enjoy it. I think he would have added " Except these guys".


Iron man reminds me of when my school band practiced for the first time. Same with my son’s band (when he was 13). You have to start somewhere, question is, when do you give up?
(still thinking I’m going strong at 60 :drums2: )



…Or where your parents and music teachers were when they needed to tell you you’re not good enough to perform in public.


honorable mention for solo artist


Very much this. I mean, there’s a fine line to walk here. If my kid was practicing and sounded like these kids, half of me would want to tell them “listen, you need to practice more before you play for people” but the other half of me would want to say “It’s not there yet, but if you feel like you really want to do this talent show, go for it. I’ll film it and show it at your wedding.”


Also, these videos confirm why I’ll never sing.


dude this just wrong on so many levels.


I just literally had sick in my mouth. Not good.


It’s my life goal to make a video as good as this one.


It seems to me that this is the product of home schooling gone awry. Lol


holy shit!
i bet the dad in the video who`s on guitar is some sort of vicar or preacher!
this is so bad its awesome lol.
these kids will get punched and kicked by other kids in the playground over this song!


however, as you can see… they went viral. I swear, you never know what it will take.

As much as we strive to make great sounding music, you look at something like that and they are making good money with it!! It’s maddening!!


Or inspiring.


Sigh… wouldn’t doubt it. I just got an invitation from my Center’s speakers’ bureau to give a lunar research talk to an annual gathering of home-school families. I am philosophically absolutely opposed to home-schooling, and I just can’t do it. But I have to find a way to decline without getting preachy about it… hey! Maybe I can use this video as part of my rationale! :grinning:


DAT shit is DOPE man. Kudos to the producer, who auto tuned the vocals so far out of tune. How many times have you heard a background voice sound like dude was wrestling a chili dog and a chocolate shake internally, and losing the battle badly while he was tracking. DAT shit was beyond ludicrous , it was supersugarcrisp. And in the end, the fly dancing lead vocalist got the shorty. Word.


Isn’t this a lot like saying “I’m opposed to drug use, so I can’t bring myself to teach a science lesson to a bunch of kids at a low income school”? Is it the dorky clothes or the tendency for a lot of homeschooling to not want to teach about evolution that makes you not want to teach them about science? If it’s the latter, isn’t it really a great opportunity to teach them something they won’t learn at home?

Home school absolutely is a haven for crazies, but I find it’s only about 50% crazies. The other 50% are people that are teaching far more than the public school system can. And once you get into high school age, you just end up taking science and math classes from local colleges anyway.

Plus, you get to make really cool music videos.


Holster, I think its about time we add a dislike button on this forum.


Yeah…did anyone else catch the number of views on the IceJJFish video? That tone-deaf dumbass is pushing 80 million! I’m glad @holster caught that. I didn’t see it.