Win 10 1903 Update Trashed ASIO Drivers

This was on a Windows 10 Pro, Xeon E5-1650 powered box. I mainly use Reaper with a T.C Electronic Konnekt6 firewire interface. My machine got the 1903 update on 8/18 and I had not fired up any recording gadgets until this weekend. I got crazy playback results including static, glitches, audio playing at the wrong speed… it was really screwed up. Tried making a bunch of adjustments with no improvement… and then I remembered the big 1903 update had come through. Ugh.

Solution was fairly simple. Since my interface is getting rather long-in-the-tooth and T.C. Electronic seems to have stopped caring about old customers (no updates in forever) I grabbed the latest ASIO4ALL package and installed it. BINGO… everything working again as it should. How is it that a company like T.C. Electronic can’t support their product, at least with driver updates, while a 3rd party pet-project can provide a universal ASIO driver that works with the latest OS changes? grrrrrrrrrr.

Maybe they figure… “Why should we when you can go get ASIO4ALL?” My answer would be… “Because your lack of support will keep me from purchasing more products from T.C. Electronic in the future.” It’s not like this was a $25 item… an interface should last a helluva long time.

Anyhwo… If the update hoses your setup, give the ASIO4ALL drivers a shot. Of course, your mileage may vary.

WIn10 also hosed my fireqire PreSonus FP10 in a similar fashion. I didn’t manage to bring it back up as it did something to my firewire laptop port. I switched to a Tascam US16x08 and am using now the FP10 as 8 pres going into that interface. It had a 15 year run, can’t complain.

However, this makes me extremely wary with Win7 going away beginning of next year, never know when a Win10 update will throw the whole system in the garbage, and no way to turn off Windows 10 updates. This might be the time where I should be going to Mac.

I have the same problem with my Focusrite Sapphire pro 24 firewire interface (see: [Need help (and maybe counseling) with my computer/ interface setup](http://other thread) ).
Lots of good advice from some of our fellow producers in that thread!

I’m delaying my choices because right now it all seems to be working OK again. Don’t ask me why, I really have no idea what causes the system to disfuction, or what helps to make it function again. I am however convinced that keeping the drivers up to date is essential. You’d think that Focusrite, a company that probably earns most of its money selling affordable interfaces would spend some time on keeping up with Windows changes. Next time there will be no more Focusrite in my studio… I’m not considering the Apple route - why should I pay twice as much for a computer with similar performance as a Windows computer. But I am considering RME. I never hear of RME users with these sort of complaints. Simply because they support the drivers, even when their interfaces are not sold anymore.

Good call for RME. Same thing happened to me with PreSonus…after Win7 they said buh-bye…and my FP10 crapped out on Windows 10 just as you describe.