Why don't you like me...wondering if this comes off as a bit creepy

Why don't you like me...wondering if this comes off as a bit creepy
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I experimented with four different vocals in this track. I used EZdrummer and the rest i played. I added a second bass with some snarl in a few pots. Put it 10 % off center. I don’t know what I am doing as many of you know. Just trying to be a little different. Hammer on it so I can go back and mess with it. Hope your day is going well.

Sincerely Paul


(Listening on work laptop with Apple earbuds so I’m not critiquing.)

OH MY GAWSH! I am digging this track. Are you a fan of Alice Cooper’s Halo of Flies? This very much musically reminds me of that song.


It’s a nice idea, it does sound sort of creepy in an Alice Cooper kind of way. I would try adding a little more snarl to the guitars to match the intensity of the vocals. Also, in my crappy speakers, it sounds like the bass and drums could come up a little to match the guitars better. Maybe high pass the guitars a touch more, and add some 5k in a little, and then bring the bass up to fill in the gap left by high passing. You may also want to consider breaking up the drum pattern a little to add interest. All minor stuff. You did a good job with the snarling vocals to fit the theme of the song, now it’s just a matter of making the instrumentation reinforce the intent. Good job.


HI BAR I just started with that riff and didn’t know where it was taking me. ha ha I do like Alice Cooper, well all rock in general I guess. I have to find a way to make it longer by maybe 30 seconds. I could delay the start of the singing right away. Thanks bud




Hi SB :slight_smile: You just provided me with some great material to work with. I might mic up an amp and get a more aggressive tone. I went straight thru my boss box to the puter. Lazy I guess:)
I like more bass too. I kept running in the red and it mixed at 3.2 db over. I thought I would get some help first before trying to tweak. I did a little high pass on everything. My EQ thangy has like a curved graphic look. I start at zero and arch it until 200 or so. There is a lot competing in there and I will do my best to reduce some of the unwanted. I will look in EZ to see if there is an additional kit that would help break it up. Seems to me this had a lot of toms. Hard to get into a mood to sing this way. Thanks much for you time



You shouldn’t have to run the bass hot to get the right balance, so your options would be to compress it a touch more and bring it up in the mix, or search for the areas it is overlapping and competing with the bass drum and the guitars, and make some narrow cuts in there.You can also add a little boost in the top end on the bass to define it more.That should allow you to get the level you want without clipping the signal. As for the drums, did you do them in multiple channels, or did you use the stereo EZ Drummer mix? It’s nice to save some headroom by high passing the toms and the snare a little if you can, and maybe just throw in some fills where you feel they would work. You just need to add a little snap on the drums to make them stand out better. Have fun.


Ok, I did use compression on the bass. I just grab the standard one that says bass guitar. ha ha I can check those frequencies. I am not sure about the EZ drummer. I picked a beat an went with it. I know you can set volume levels and change out different snares etc, but i don’t know about individual EQ? I will check. Wouldn’t you know it, I have my studio set up in the corner of an upstairs bedroom. I took the AC out and now it is 90. ha ha I’ll get in there tonight and start messin. I owe you




I took some lows off the guitars. EQ’d the bass and recompressioned it. ha ha Took the 20% reverb off the drums because of all that was going on in there fighting for space. Going to next add some transition guitar.


Ooh Paul - this is COOL!!
What a surprise hehe… That is a gnarly compelling beat/riff and yeah, for me Styles has nailed the bash tips… I’d like even more gnarl :wink: Love how you’ve sung this… any chance of a crazy scream or two in there??? I could hear one in my head as things hotted up!! A long drawn out one with cool reverb on it.

Great to hear some creativity coming from over there!! I’ve been in my studio last couple of days… a bit boring as I’m just refreshing the radio ads for our coffee but it’s woken up my musical ideas again so am hoping to get something new done myself.

Really enjoyed this one!! :sunglasses:


Hi Emma I was just telling my two (also retired) brothers of my friend from NZ Ha ha Thought it would be cool to buy and try your coffee. Is there is a website where I can purchase some. I start each day with a little boost of the stuff.
Yeah, about the song? Have no idea where it came from. Certainly wasn’t planned. I thought of it at first as just noise. I will have to give that a big scream. I have a great scream on a halloween song I did. I am going to hunt it down.
Glad you are in the studio again. There are some interesting lyrics floating around here as of late. I bet you have seen them already. I challenge you to collab. tee hee

Take care bud



To answer your question, yes, it is creepy… but in alllll the right ways. Good job man!!


Big improvement, good job.


hah… I’d done my bash of your first version the same time as you were posting this new version… great changes…
Very cool song!!

ahh yes… I haven’t seen the captain this verbose for a long time… hmmm, well I can’t think of anything else to say about that which won’t get me potentially tangled in a splat fest so moving right along…

Sent you a message about the cawfee…:sunglasses:


Wow! This is very different - Who says an ol’ dog can’t try some new tricks?..

I’m really diggin’ the layered vocals! Suitably menacing. Not listening on decent speakers, so I haven’t got much for the bash - it came across well on these speakers, although the drums were a little on the “ticky” side.

…but to answer your query: “…wondering if this comes off as a bit creepy”

I would say "Yes, but not quite as creepy as “I like her skin” from the Vocal production video thread. :scream_cat:


Ha ha, yes old dog. I was just in a mood. That feeling did finally pass . Had to walk from the studion away until tomorrow. A couple tracks went dead for no reason at all. It is spiking, but no volume. Darn thanks bud




Wow, this was quite a shock to hear, but in a good way, and yes I immediately thought of Alice. Quite reminiscent of HOF in some ways. It’s like Dr Feaker and Mr Hyde, the alter ego coming out. :wink:


I don’t know about Halo, it reminds me of a different Alice number. I love it! Super scary, no showbiz though. Maybe you can add a horn section?


Hi Stan I googled HOF and got hall of fame. Ha ha That is how far out of it I am. Sounds like it was a tad entertaining and that was my direction. Thanks




I don’t know how to take you CPF. The “no show biz though” and the “maybe you can add a horn section” I simply don’t understand. It happens when you are pushing 70.



Ok, I guess we have established it is creepy. Emma commented it might need a scream, so i put one at 30 sec, one min, and at the end. Keep to creep? ha ha