Why don't you like me...wondering if this comes off as a bit creepy

Why don't you like me...wondering if this comes off as a bit creepy
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I meant it’s like Alice Cooper without the showbiz aspect of his later career. The horn thing was a joke, sort of. Come to thing of it it might sound cool.


now that is CRREEPY… very nice!!!
hehe… would love to have been in your studio while you were recording that…


I was referring to Big Al’s post that I quoted where he mentioned Alice Cooper’s “Halo Of Flies”.


I told Roz as I was walking up stairs to the studio ( vacated bedroom) It’s eight in the morning an I am going to attempt an awful scream. ha ha Great idea from you:) Don’t like the end stuff yet, going to mess a bit more and move on. Weird song for me. ha ha




Reminds me of when I did my dark xmas carol… I was a bit worried about the neighbours…

So cool to hear you venturing into new sounds though…
Great stuff!! :grinning:


Man is this track clear. Love when you can hear every word of the vocals and don’t have to guess.
Yikes, a black eye a baby… Your voice is amazing Emma Bummer of a song so far with so much sorrow. I bet it gets better. Oh no it didn’t…you smashed his head in. ha ha
Wow kiddo I will be thinking of this for a while for sure. Not creepy tho Thanks for this. You have so many followers. My top is three.

your friend



hehe… yeah it was a bit ‘out there’ for sure… I’d been working with ‘troubled’ families around that time and was overwhelmed by the contrasts in what xmas meant to different people… wonderfully crappy drums on that track now I listen to it again. double chuckle… :blush:


Haaaa I like it. Good stuff Paul:scream:


Great tune Paul… reminds me a bit of this one…



Wow, yes, I know this song. I can’t compete here tho. ha ha Thanks for the listen




I had almost forgotten about that song! That was one of my favorites!!


I’m loving this version and hearing you take your music a different direction like this!


Hi and thanks for that. It took many years to realize my music was not going to end up on the radio. ha ha Since then, I don’t take music or life in general very serious. It has to be fun with no angst these days or no deal. You have to get old for that mind set. Yes, I am going to do some things very different coming up. thank you for this site



final mix


Great stuff! I could see this being used in an intense chase scene or something similar. Fun song!


Thanks Ry Guy I like your pic. Yeah, this one was fun. Put it in moth balls now. Nice to meet you’s ha ha




You’re just happy someone else besides you has their face in their profile picture!


That is correct cps I am going to submit a little movie staring me soon. I want everyone to know I don’t act my age.


This is a really fun song. I like the psycho killer vibe. Seems like every mix you did kept getting better and better.


You’re in good company :wink:


Haha W No, I have very little talent. I must have just got lucky on this one. Thank you