What's new in REAPER 5.50 ~~~~~

What's new in REAPER 5.50 ~~~~~


Just a heads-up that Reaper 5.50 is out and Jon Tidey is Jonny-on-the-Spot with a features video. It would be great if anybody discovering/using these new features would share or discuss them. Some of the features look exciting, and it has taken some time and a number of Beta versions to get there.

It would be nice if Jon was on the forum too … :wink:

Good times!


Wow!!! If they keep adding feature like that to Reaper, they’re gonna start making some plugin dev’s very very cranky. Izotope, Waves, Sonnox, and Avid charge a pretty penny for those features!!!

Yay Reaper! Kick some ass :smiley:


OMFG Thank God I don’t use Reaper. If those demos are anything to go by, it is clunky beyond belief.


The spectral editing looked way cool for sure.

I prefer the term … Spartan. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m happy loads of folks get on with it. But I look at things like having to create an “automation track” and the screen real estate that takes and wince.
I think JT’s commentary, where he sounds like he’s reading from an immense manual, doesn’t help.
I’m too old to change DAW now.


I saw that update and didn’t think much of it. I didn’t know they added so many new features. I didn’t like the REAPER 5 skin much after the reaper 4 skin, but I got used to it and now I love it. It may look clunky, but it’s incredibly lightweight and the built-in plugins are pretty sweet. Also it’s much cheaper than any other more “renowned” DAW. Max Norman uses reaper all the time, that’s a pretty ringing endorsement in my book


Did you say in another thread that you use Sequoia? At $3k I certainly hope it has a few benefits over Reaper! :wink:

Yes, I used to use Pro Tools, and while I found it challenging switching over to Reaper I appreciate how robust it is while keeping a low footprint. And with the continual improvements it has really become powerful.


Funny, I’ve started with Reaper (and never changed) and it never crossed my mind that it could seem clunky. I worked a little with ProTools and it didn’t look less clunky to me. I guess it’s all a matter of habits.


I mostly learned on Pro Tools, so I got used to it. I liked the GUI, and I learned tons of keyboard shortcuts. When I switched over to Reaper, that’s one thing I didn’t care for and found challenging was the GUI. It did seem a bit clunky to me, but over time I have adjusted. I even tried a Pro Tools theme in Reaper but it didn’t help much. Some cool things about Reaper, though they took some getting used to, are the numerous controls with mouse manipulation and mouse modifiers plus the ability to create your own keyboard shortcuts and layouts. While the customization options are incredible, after coming from ‘stock’ Pro Tools where most of those things are locked in it was a bit overwhelming. I had to settle down and just learn the DAW thoroughly before making tweaks to it.


Said I’d been working with it. Not that I own it.


You’re exactly right. The best DAW is the one that works best for YOUR workflow.


I have a pretty modest CPU setup. It was pretty high-end back in 2012, but time flies and I still think of it as this high-end beauty even though it’s a bit of a dinosaur. Reaper works fantastic on system because it’s so lightweight and yet so powerful and easy to maneuver without ever feeling amateur. I use it pretty exclusively now. I don’t wanna upgrade, but I know I’ll have to soon.


A bit OT, but I’m on Reaper 4. something…forget (not at home now) I just never bothered updating after a while. If I attempt to update to whatever I’m permitted to, does anyone know if I’m likely to encounter any issues by jumping a few steps?


I would be very surprised if it were the case but if you want to make sure ask the Reaper community: http://forum.cockos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=20


I think you’d be fine. Older Reaper sessions should open in newer versions of Reaper with no issues. If you had any qualms about a valuable session, just “back it up” first then try the upgrade. My experience with Reaper upgrades has been splendid; so seamless and glitch-free. I don’t think you’d even have issues going between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, except that the plugins might display differently.


Oohh spectral editing! That was something I missed from FL Studio. I love Reaper. :smiley:


oooh, the spectral editing is interesting. Looks like they took ReaFIR and converted it to an overlay UI. Much handier than the old plugin interface.


Jon released a More New Features video for Reaper 5.50, and at the beginning he talks about the “web remote layout” which looks like an app on his iPhone that is controlling Reaper. He shows how to do some setup for it inside Reaper, but there’s no “app” that I know of. I’m a bit puzzled to how this actually works, but excited if I can control Reaper remotely from my phone.


It’s a new layout for the integrated we control. It was introduced a couple versions ago. I haven’t used it, but it looks like it uses an HTML page to display some reaper controls. So instead of an app, you would configure reaper, then use your web browser (chrome/Safari/whatever) to access reaper via the (local) web address that is in the reaper web control config.


Yes, it looks like it goes back to 5.30 but I hadn’t heard of it before. I played around with it based on Jon’s tutorial, but wasn’t able to get it to work on the phone. I now understand the concept better, but there are multiple paths to go about it in Preferences so I might have to try some others.