What's new in REAPER 5.50 ~~~~~

What's new in REAPER 5.50 ~~~~~


OK so just for info back home now & I was on 5.0 as it happens.

Upgraded directly to 5.50c (whatever c is?) with zero issues as advised.

Non news to the Reaper-confident of course but I’m generally a bit pessimistic and cynical about…everything.

So, just sayin’ - all good.




I just found this video that Kenny Gioia put out 2 days ago about the Spectral Editing in Reaper 5.50! I’m looking forward to learning some things from it, as spectral editing can be challenging IMO. At least the learning curve takes time, and Reaper’s tools look different than iZotope RX’s.

If anybody learns anything and wants to share, please do! This could be very useful!