What is Your Guitar Rig?

What is Your Guitar Rig?
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Mine looks like this:

I DON’T feel the need for anything else…


Looks like fun, Pat… How are you keeping these days?


Alright! So I’m currently using a Schecter Hellraiser C-8, an Ibanez RGIF7 and a less than great sounding Squire bass. For “amps”, I’ve had an 11 Rack for years, which I pretty much only use for AC30 type tones, and a giant pile of amp sims ITB. Just got the Orange Micro Dark for fun and I loooove it. Going to start investing in amps so the list will grow!


Hey I have that same squier bass! I changed the pickups in it though.


I think that’s my next step… it plays well, until I plug it in… :grin:


Here’s the gear I was using last night at The Red Lion, Stubbington, Hampshire, UK. It was a sweaty night but great fun!