What is Your Guitar Rig?

What is Your Guitar Rig?
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I gave the Axe FX a good look before pulling the trigger on the G system. Ultimately went G system because of the ridiculous routing options, but I’ll concede the Axe FX 2 is unrivaled in its sound quality. Hands down the best FX unit I’ve ever heard.


I use a Kemper!


I have always wanted an axe fx! They are the ultimate in guitar fx. Cool


I use my LTD EC1000 into a pedalboard with an a/b switch

A: > Big Muff->Orange Tiny Terror->Egnater 1x12 cab->Audix i5->Focusrite 18i12 pre
B: > (most often) Ibanez TS7->Egnater Rebel 20 (the effects loop may have various reverbs & delays)->Orange 1x12 cab ->Cascade Fathead->Warm TB12

There’s just something about having an amp screaming away (even if it’s only 15 or 20 watts) that I just love.


This is most of the story - Gibson Explorer (with SD Alnico 2 pickups, don’t like high output stuff that much) and Mesa Stiletto Ace 2x12 with G12-65s from the early '80s. Oh, and blue pick with dimply bits, held the wrong way round like the Edge and Gary Moore, as if that’ll make me play better. :smile:

Also use this one quite a lot, one of the tributes, can’t remember if it’s '50s or '60s - had to play a bunch to find this one though. It’s got more midrange and mellower top end, and the best feeling neck I could find;

And this is the guitar I’ve had the longest, got it when I was in School and though I never get that excited about it, it’s always there and some of my favourite gig memories involve playing it;

I’ve gone through A LOT of pedals in the last 7 years, this is what I’ve ended up with, and it’s pretty much been unchanged for the last couple of years except for some reason my Rat 2 isn’t in this picture, might have been in the middle of re-wiring the board…

I also have this, a Genz Benz Black Pearl 1x12. But I’m starting to miss owning an AC30, so I might sell this and put the money towards one in a few months or so. You can also see the corner of a 1979 Marshall JMP Master Lead Mk2 2x12 combo in this picture, but it doesn’t belong to me so this seems like a fair way to represent its place in my life. :smile:

I’ve gone through a lot of gear. Not so much guitars, I tend to stay loyal to those, but I’ve had 4 AC30s, for example. And for a while around 2010 I had a 12 unit rack rig with MIDI floor controller and everything, spent ages on it and ended up utterly hating it. So the rig I’ve arrived at is just what I’ve found works for me.


I am with you there! I use Hercoflex picks simply because that’s what Page uses. If they’re good enough for Jimmy… :grin: I also have a Collings tortoiseshell pick that belonged to the legendary mandolinist Sam Bush. I had front row center for a show he did when I lived in Albuquerque, and he tossed his pick into the audience as he left the stage, and I was the lucky one who caught it. I use that exclusively when I play the mando. Edit: And as fate would have it, when I went on Facebook a few minutes after writing this, I have a “memory” from four years ago where I posted a photo of that pick and description of the occurrence. Weird with a beard, maaaaan…

Those look like P90s? Same as my Tribute, which is a 60s. But that was a few years ago, a quick look at the Gibson website shows that P90s are now stock on the 50s model, with Burstbuckers on the 60s, so I guess they’ve changed it up?


Everything ITB/sims for me - via my 27 year old Fenix Tele. Sims vary all the time but usually something Marshally.

That’s it. No pics.


ITB have come along way, I was using Guitar Rig 5 for a while and still it when i need to put something down in a hurry. Because i’m on the UAD platform i purchased the Ampeg bass bundle a while ago which are fantastic (the one area my setup was lacking a bit) > The Marshall’s are also good but i have the Axe Fx so i didnt get them…yet! :slight_smile:

But you do need the UAD hardware.


I like that MESA! :thumbsup:


I like it right up to the moment I discover a gig is up a flight of stairs! :sweat:


Never tried a Stiletto. Listened to a few youtube demos…sounds pretty sweet.


I know the feeling!, i’m too old to lug the JCM-800 in a flight case and quad…lugging is my No 1 hate… followed by “Do i really have to re string this guitar again” !:joy:


I simply have 2 basses, Tanglewood Rebel 5 K, on which I had alternative pick ups fitted for a more powerful output, and a Mexican Fender Precision that I’ve had for some 20 years now!

I play them through a 300W Ashdown Amp and a 300W Peavey Speaker, but I can’t be bothered getting it all out of the cupboard at the moment. I’ll post a photo after our next rehearsal!

I use an XLR (?) effects pedal now and again, but that’ll be in the photo too!

I’m not an avid technical musician… I simply enjoy playing bass and occasionally I’ll dust down my Tanglewood acoustic and learn some more chords!


Aw hell no! I ain’t doin it. If there’s a gig that requires big junk like that someone is gonna get paid to move it for me :frowning: The L/C/R rig I posted the picture of in entry #8 (previously on this thread) doesn’t leave the studio unless something reeaaally important is happening. lol.


It surprised me - my “sound” was an AC30 on edge of breakup + pedals, only got the Mesa as an alternative distorted amp for recording. It gets mixed reviews - accused of being a bright/strident amp, and it definitely takes time to learn how to dial it in - my first impressions weren’t that great. But somehow over a few months I warmed to it more and more, and it became my favourite.


Done that before… it’s knackering!


I use the MESA Lonestar in the Axe FX and get a great tone from it ( I like it a lot)


i[quote=“SoundCandy, post:37, topic:985, full:true”]
I use the MESA Lonestar in the Axe FX and get a great tone from it ( I like it a lot)

I had the Lonestar for 4 or 5 years. Great amp!


I use an eleven rack. I only work ITB.

I have two connections Analog is wet with the sound the eleven makes and digital is dry to use with other sims. You can record dry and send it back to the eleven or use a combo of both.

Lot of choices.


I may have a bunch of eleven rack questions for you if you’re up for it. I’ve had one for a few years now but I’m testing something out with it now that may or may not be possible :wink: