What do you guys and gals think of this one?

new song - mix&master

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Nice! I’m digging those guitar tones! What was the setup?

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Is that a drum program I’m hearing?

Those cymbls, hi hats are incredibly precise! Especially when combined with those tom rolls. Sounds very Phil Collins back in his progressive days.

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I like the Middle Eastern scale of the guitar in the intro, and the sound there is full and dynamic (to 1:06). The sound changes with the “speed metal” compressed sound. The vocals really stand out, not sure that I get a sense of the lyrics though. Reminds me of the 80’s in the Metal sound.

The outro goes with the intro I think, nice sound there. On a long song like this, it might be nice to have more of those intro/outro type dynamic/acoustic sounds in the middle sections of the song to help it breathe a bit more. I’m a big Metal fan, but at some point the extensive head-banging can turn brain cells to mush.

The artwork of the ‘album cover’ is intriguing, but I can’t decipher the symbology of it. The ‘wings’ seems pretty clear, but the rest is pretty cryptic.


From what I can recall - left side is a Mesa Mini Rectifier, right side Engl 530 preamp with cab IRs. Lead is asll the Charvel thru Amplitube, clean sound is TC Flanger whose sound just couldn’t be replicated in software, and I put that thru Amplitube.

Guitars used: MusicMan Steve Morse, Charvel Promod HSS, Schecter Diamond Series

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Artwork: it’s an American Indian dancer thru some wild Paintshop effects…thus “Shadow Dancing”…kinda going for that feel and a bit abstract.

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Actually, for metal it’s on the loose side, live drums, no samples whatsoever.

That is awesome sounding!
The drums were the first thing to capture my attention. Then it was the vocals and the overall gist of the song.

The guitar playing is excellent but mixed in a way in which its part of the song and not too showcase.

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I’ve wanted one of those since the early 90’s. Some day. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for checking it out!

@Stan_Halen there is also another slow midsection/buildup at 4:30 after the solo

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Yes, thanks for pointing that out. I’m hearing it mainly from 4:49 - 5:12, nice drum fills there, and once again the more ‘open’ sound. The song does have a pretty epic sound, kind of like Megadeth now that I think about it - your vocalist seems in the same vocal tone/range, and the guitars have that flavor as well.

Perhaps somewhat related, I saw that Megadeth has a new album out as of early Sept 2022. I particularly like the last song which is a cover of Sammy Hagar’s “This Planet’s On Fire”. I thought you might enjoy it too. Sammy’s original was quite impactful on me way back when … and he also does vocals on the Megadeth cover!

I couldn’t survive listening to the whole Megadeth album…the guitar sound is very “digital”, it has that overcooked modeler sound to it, drums and bass sounded really good…couldn’t stomach the vocals, and it’s been that way for the last few Megadeth albums.

Now, if Dave is not singing on that song - I am all over it, checking it out now :slight_smile: Well, he’s singing - it’s not that bad:

not bad, honestly didn’t make it that far on last listen to their new one :slight_smile:

BTW - we are working on a remake with a somethat famous 80s thrash band’s bassist/singer, but I can’t divulge it yet, it’ll end up on a LP, hopefully soon - waiting on drummer to track her parts so we can send the files to the guy to add vocals and bass.

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I actually found that Sammy cover first. After that I found a playlist with all the album songs, the cover is the last song on the album (or playlist anyway). So I skimmed through the other songs, and yeah, not anything that I cared for that much.

Sounds interesting, I look forward to hearing it.

I really like the intro. Sounds like it’s a bass being played high up on the neck but it has a lot of high end bite as if it’s EQ’d similarly to a guitar. That intro is moody and atmospheric. The drums sound good when they come in near the start of the song but something about them seems a bit low-fi compared to a lot of metal bands.

I like how the song ends with that low orchestral sounding instrument. Sounds similar to a bassoon or a cello.

I agree. Mustaine is a pretty poor vocalist.

It sounds like Mustaine is singing on the first verse and then some other guy takes over after, but this is the best I’ve ever heard Mustaine sing.

I was thinking that this song didn’t sound anything like the Megadeth that I 've heard in the past. Sounds very 80’s with a straight ahead pop rock flair. Now that you mention it, I can imagine this being a Sammy Hagar song.

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Our bassist plays in classical orchestras so opening there’s double bass and closing it is a cello.

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He’s not that much of a singer of course, but some vocalists aren’t and yet they still put forth compelling vocals for their songs. I think he did some good vocals on his classic songs back in the 80’s. I’d say “Symphony of Destruction” and “Peace Sells …” are some of his better ones.

It’s Sammy Hagar doing some vocals on it as I understand, and yes, Dave’s vocals are better in a sense because he’s singing someone else’s style and lyrics. Takes him out of his natural patterns.

Sammy did some good songs as a solo artist, even before his big breakthrough with “I Can’t Drive 55” etc. He was the vocalist for Montrose, of course, back in the early 70’s. Later, Van Hagar was his vehicle of choice for some years. Here’s what seems like an authentic original version of “This Planet’s On Fire (Burn In Hell)”. A strong rocker, and the Megadeth cover seems to follow it pretty closely, with a bit more Metal guitar sound.

I didn’t catch the double bass in the opening, do you have a time-stamp for that part? I did hear the cello at the end, now that you point it out, and yes it’s a great finish to the song. That classical connection is cool, and definitely adds something to the presentation.

about 18 secs into the song

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Ah thanks, I hear it now! It’s kind of subtle, like a doppelganger of the guitar intro. Really interesting effect!

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